If you are a gamer, the chances that you know Min-Liang Tan is high. He as an undeniable business icon, has built Razer, which now is one of the most prestigious gaming brands at a global scale, a brand that still continues its grow every day.

However, once the CEO of Razer left his job as legal counsel in 2005 to launch his company with his co-founder Robert Krakoff, his ambitions were almost too high. In reality, he told CNBC that they just wanted to boost their gaming.

“We were like: ‘are we able to develop a better mouse? ‘What we wanted to do was to interact with the other teams, “says Min-Liang Tan, that has a game hardware and software Services Company and a transaction wallet for its business.

That small aim led to the Bloomslang mouse, which was the main product of Razer, designed to enhance accuracy and speed.

Razer Company

Though, it also revived the competitive drive of the gamers, which Tan said had been the foundation for his continuous push over the last 15 years.

“We could’ve just stopped producing a mouse. We might have stopped at the hardware store. We’ve moved on to make an entire ecosystem, “said Tan, who is trying to pursue a Razer banking license and also creating facial masks for Covid-19 relief efforts.

In reality, the gamer mindset is evident in the brand’s motto “By gamers, for gamers.”

“I somewhat look at it as a gamer always. It’s all about the new challenge, just what is ahead, “said Tan, who became Singapore’s youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 40 once Razer went public in November 2017.

“Looking backwards is not something that we always do. What’s always been ahead of us is the next move we will take. I believe this is how we can get to the next stage for us, “he said.

The now-42-year-old Min-Liang Tan also said this is true for his style of management. In the past, Razer was criticized for his challenging work routine, which Tan stated was also a result of his gamer mindset.

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“It’s just like management and what kind of resources can we pass around? We think that’s a strategy game in real time! How can you get fastest in time from point A to point B? “Tan said, whose staff covers 16 offices worldwide.

He added, however, that in the end managing the company is enjoyable for him.

“I think now, when we know that the whole thing is an enterprise that’s worth a hundred billion dollars, we’re like ‘wow, it was really born.’ But it’s still fun, at the end of the day. At this point, we are looking to develop a bank. What is next for us?”


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