These days you probably have already heard about ‘Unboxing’ or even saw a video about it on YouTube. Looks like it is one of the viral categories over there and there are more than 90 million results when searching for the term ‘Unboxing’ on YouTube.

Now that you know the importance of Unboxing, you should also know that because of this, packaging has turned to a second product for companies. Nowadays clients do care about good unboxing experiences. In this article we will try to talk about how you can create a memorable unboxing experience for your clients.

For small companies, this is a perfect way to really distinguish their brand from the dull brown boxes of many of the major online stores. That’s because the package you deliver to your clients is the first point of contact. And when you do it correctly, it can be a good point of selling for returning customers. Don’t forget to be imaginative with the packaging.

What’s the Unboxing Experience?

Unboxing is the process of filming a new product when it is being opened on social media. And one of the purposes hundreds of millions of people watch YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter videos is to keep themselves updated about the products. If the packaging is excellent, the influencers unboxing the product will always notice it.

Unboxing Experience

They are largely responsible to make this trend viral.

Above social media, the aim of branded packaging is to provide added value to both your client and your company through the opportunity to create an unforgettable and shareable experience.

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As an online store, you need to make an unforgettable first touch point for your clients.

Ecommerce and Unboxing

User demands are higher than ever now. Since more people see unboxing videos, they are beginning to understand the value of good packaging. This isn’t to suggest that the brown drab box does not have a spot in eCommerce. After all, the Amazon has made its mark with that boxes. So clients don’t demand a lot from that experience.

However, the unboxing experience is very relevant for brands who want to distinguish themselves. And it continues to make a ROI long after the individual has opened the kit. Typically, clients don’t discard the packages, and based on where they are, they can continue to market the brand.

Quality Brand Packaging

The nature of a product has a lot to tell about a business. Firstly, it gives a strong first impression. And this feeling enhances their perception of the commodity in the kit. It’s just as nice or better, probably.

Good packaging is also an excellent marketing technique. You bring value to your clients by offering them what they didn’t expect. According to the report, 52 per cent of customers are prone to make regular purchases if they obtain quality packaging from an online store. And this positive experience leads to more referrals. Unboxing experience

Such clients suggest their experience to their friends and relatives, usually via social media. And with 4 out of 10 customers sharing a delivery picture, the effect goes a long way towards increasing brand awareness.

If you’re trying to offer this great experience, it begins with branded boxes, exclusive packaging design, and a well-planned out product design. You will end by offering samples of your other items free of charge. When it is not possible to provide a sample, you can give a discount on the next purchase or a similar item that would go well with the product. In addition, you can give your client a customized experience.

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All this is going to combine and create a narrative that the clients will remember. And making a story or sharing your story through your package is a sure-fire way of making it more unforgettable.

Building a Story

What actually do you do by having an experience that your customer can recall when they unbox their shipping? You’re going to build a plot. The quote from Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer of Apple, explains it all.

Ive says, “Steve (Jobs) and I spend much time on packaging … I enjoy the process of unpacking. You’re creating a routine of unpacking to make the product feel different. Packaging can be a theater; it can make a story.


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