In today’s competitive market, business should try available ways to interact with their customers and increase their sales. Using Instagram Storied is one of the best and effective ways for companies to interact with future clients. The fact that you can use it even with very limited budget and time makes Instagram Stories a good option.

Experts say adding Instagram Stories to your marketing plans could be a good way to increase engagement with your customers. To get into this more deeply, we asked ‘Young Entrepreneur Council’s members this question:

 “Time and other assets can be tight. What is best way small companies can use the Instagram Stories feature to its best effect? Why is this method so efficient?”

Instagram Stories Tactics

These are what the members of the YEC community said:

Using to Schedule Instagram Stories

“Because time is a constraint, I like to schedule our Instagram posts and stories beforehand, using a tool called That way we are continuously designing and organizing appropriate content for our business promotions, holidays, events and advertising. “~ Rachel Beider, PRESS Modern Massage.

Build a Limited-Time Offer

“Stories run for only 24 hours, making them the ideal spot to set up a limited-time offer. This serves well as it induces a fear of missing out, that can motivate users to act quickly. You’re going to raise conversions and get interaction in a very short time. “~ Blair Williams, MemberPress.

Good Instagram Stories

Plan Instagram Stories around Hashtags

“Hashtags is an integral part of the history of social media. If you really want to make the most out of your time and money, publish a limited-time story and use the related trending hashtags in your story. Chances are, your target demographic will see your content when exploring their favorite viral hashtags and themes. “~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights.

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Use Stories to launch products

“I like using Instagram Stories as part of my marketing campaign a week before I launch a new product or service. It’s a smart way to let followers know about any new product or service releases. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can relate to anything you want to promote. I typically provide a link to the landing page where my followers can add their names to the wait list.”~ Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC.

Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

“Part of the task of managing a platform like Instagram is to get interesting content. With user-generated content, small companies benefit from originality and are able to decrease the time spent making content for the channel. This is also perfect since you can target content that has been proved to work well. “~ Kyle Wong, Pixlee

Practice Influencer Marketing.

“Instead of only concentrating on Instagram Stories, why don’t you try reaching out to an influencer? If you really can make a deal, these guys can post strong-quality content to their story that actively promotes your name. This strategies are successful because, in some situations, millions of people see stories of famous influencers. “~ John Turner, SeedProd LLC.

Instagram Stories

Track Key Performance Indicators

“Stories work since customers don’t want to be overwhelmed with Instagram posts on their walls. Instagram Stories enable you to monitor which contents have the highest engagement rate, the best message and the true dedication of those clients. When you track these KPIs, you can initiate the right marketing campaign based on the actual metrics instead of just assuming. This will save money and time! “~ David Chen, the home of GTIF

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Interact and Get Feedback from Followers

“Instagram Stories is an amazing resource to allow for frequent and seamless contact with our followers and audiences. Make sure you’re taking advantage of them and get the most out of them: connect with your clients, build surveys, ask them which goods or services they like the most, and ask them what needs to be changed in your company.  There are infinite possibilities. “~ Kevin Leyes, Leyes Enterprises.

Post Some Behind-The-Scenes Instagram Stories

“Although this depends on what type of business you have, most of our customers get the best outcomes with true behind-the-scenes tales. Rather than trying to be too imaginative with product placements or continuously talk about yourself, get your company involved, show your procedures, office and warehouse. People connect with people, not products. “~ Karl Kangur, Above House

Create Story Highlights

“Instagram Stories is a perfect way of sharing information about a company that makes it simple to digest. The downside, huh? After 24 hours, you lose the stuff. Though, using the highlights option, your content will stay there forever, giving both old and new users easy-to-access data.”~ Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR.

Prioritize Social Proof

“People will trust content generated by their peers through branded communication. You will share the experience of your users as they connect with your services and brand. This will enable your stories to be more convincing and will also provide social proofs, create confidence more quickly and lead to conversion. “~ Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner.

Instagram Stories as a marketing tool

Add Questions and Polls to Stories

“Utilize the questions and survey features in the Instagram Stories to create more awareness and rapid feedback. Your followers are looking for engagement, so instead of just seeing a story, get them to engage with it. Ask their opinion on product features, what they really want to see more, or ask them what questions they would like to be addressed, or areas in which they need assistance. “~ Jared Weitz, United Capital Source Inc.

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Share Live Events

“Live events can come in the form of a free lecture, event coverage, an exclusive interview or a unique product release. It can create traffic by reminders to your followers that you’re going live on their social media at that time. These events are rarely scripted on Instagram, so take advantage of this space and go live as often as possible. “~ Maria Thimothy, OneIMS.

Give a good reason to your audience to follow your stories

“Reward the audience and enhance engagement by making special deals accessible exclusively to story viewers. Offers may be deals on goods, free trials, interaction rewards, etc., but what’s crucial is to give your followers a truly meaningful incentive to follow your stories. In keeping your stories special to them and their experiences, you will have much greater success. “~ Jordan Conrad, Writing Explained.

Build a Community

“Do not just publish your business stuff. Build interaction with your followers. Ask them questions using the “Poll” feature and repost the best responses. Run a campaign that is important to your industry that allows people to include you in their stories. Then repost that on your own story with informative, insightful, or just “friendly” comments. Audiences enjoy engagement, so take the time to cultivate it. “~ Thomas Smale, FE International.


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