Since this world around us has dramatically and permanently changed, restarting your company will take much longer, be even more challenging and far more distressing than you could imagine. It’s a brand-new ballgame and even to win you’ll have to set the clock back to get down to basics. It’s not easy to let people go, place your hopes and ambitions on hold, and to be careful as all of us go through this process and suffer. But that’s completely necessary. In this article we will talk about 4 steps you need to take to restart your business.

Forget about prosperity for the moment-the task is just to continue working to ensure you’re still there when the world is again completely working. At least for the next few years, flat is going to be the new “up” so we’re both going to be really happy to just get there and on to our own.

Apart from preserving your cash, the most crucial thing you could do now is hold on to your current clients. New clients are great but expensive to get, while your target consumers are the most crucial and the lowest hanging fruit. Patty could be going to pick up pizzas for her children right now, but Tony, who attempted to bring the family to a meal each Tuesday in the last 10 years, is the lifeblood of your future.

Yeah, what do you have to do to bring the company back and restart your business?

1- Retrench

Get prepared to be effective by cutting back, disposing of all irrelevant stuff, closing down anything “new” that is seeping money and effort from the core operation, and focusing, focusing, focusing on doing some really good things. The things that brought you here in the old days and maintained you is what will keep you heading forward. It is not about performing various things or doing things completely different; it is just about perfect simple execution.

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2- Restate

Ensure every employee acknowledges why you are in business and what is the central selling proposition. They buy why you do what you are doing, as Simon Sinek says, as much as any other service or product that you happen to be selling. Perhaps even more so. Yet if your own staff cannot easily, efficiently and accurately tell your tale, then your consumers won’t get the word. Good people particularly want to help one another in these tough times.

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There are 3 things your clients need to know: (a) what you are providing and why; (b) why they need to purchase what you’re offering; and (c) why it is worth the price you are offering it. Let’s not make the mistake of giving away the store -free offers won’t help your company-real clients know value, and business is a two-way street. If you are unable to make money there will be no business left to serve them. Franchises and chain stores are no replacement for the familiar people on the Front Street.

3- Remind

Your company is a top priority for you, but the entire world is distracted with their own issues and you have to get the word out that your company is back here. The online world is loud, cramped and overwhelming, and it is unlikely to get any time soon better. Forget about Facebook & Google. Get back to fundamentals. Employ a couple of kids from the community to go door-to – door with coupons, and bring the offers and message out in front of the people who care.

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Take a large ad out of the small neighbourhood publications which neighbours are reading regularly. Show yourself in the Neighborhood. One of the dreadful mistakes that Joe Biden and his team are making right now is not getting Biden out of bunker. In his basement, he is standing out and Trump is all around us. He needs to be seen and understood. He requires to be outside-masks and everything-at hospitals, food banks, churches, and so on. Therefore the media and the society can help tell his story and so do you.

4- Reward

While there is nothing as a free meal, there’s plenty to be said about recognising loyalty now and it’s crucial to ensure your customers realise that you’re thankful and that they’re valued so much. Frequency promotions, unique offers and other regular usage reward methods can help inspire returning visits and encouragement for word-of – mouth. Furthermore, on-site appreciation is as important-not only recognising their names and tastes, but putting up photos, different seating, and etc. – are also forms of inviting them back “in.” And at the hardware store, it tends to work quite as well (displaying off DIY projects) as it does at any restaurant, bookshop or pastry shop.

So, get yourself busy, get your company back and restart your business by recognising the basic principles. And, in particular, the most basic principle of all: people don’t really care how much you know until they see how much you care. We’re all in this situation together, so we should all really make it better for each other.

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What do you think about these steps to restart your business? Please let us know in the comments below.


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