Concurrently with the economic development of societies, new problems are emerging and businesses should respond to them. For example, we all know about sexual taboos, but what have we done about them? In this article we will discuss being socially active for companies and its benefits for them.

Although this is a specific issue for a specific industry, it can be over-generalized in many sectors. Today, we’re looking at a campaign that’s trying to help with a social problem.

The story

There has been a lot of talk about sexual relationships and related stigmas. But most of the time, there is no explicit word describing the real situation that couples face. While the problem was a little clear, no one was trying to do anything about it. In the meantime, Durex has found noticeable points in a global research.

The Internet boom has had positive and negative consequences. More transparency, dialogues, access and research on this issue and, conversely, misinformation on the issue and distances between people were part of the results of the survey.

durex Socially active

More specifically, there were latent aspects, meaning a false representation of sex in society. So, Durex decided to stand against the untrue image that had been propagated. To do this, the campaign started on a very special day, Valentine.

This choice was made because one of the usual misconceptions is that a memorable sexual experience only happens at special times. The beginning was an unusual letter about the position of the brand and continued to focus on specific issues.

Lessons Learned

Be aware of what is going in your surrounding

Not only for your company’s financial success, but also for being socially active and innovative, be human. Simply put, try to be part of your society. Whether you are doing formal or informal ongoing research on your market as a whole or your target market in particular. Most of the time, the hard part of the work is not to provide a solution, but to identify the problem.

ideal form of activity for businesses is to operate it in the form of social innovation.

Firms don’t know about their society’s challenges, and they may face them as part of it. Durex understood that two thirds of people had no ultimate pleasure in their relationship, and half of us had never been tested for STDs.

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Another uncovered fact was that more than seventy per cent of young people use online content for a better sexual experience. In this way, myths could be found that hurt society. In addition, we’ve all heard about the information age.

Socially active

Two things I can say about this era, which are definitely true, are that 1. The amount of information is huge and 2. The amount of false information is also huge.  Misinformation is everywhere misleading your customers and causing you to lose your profits.

Business leaders spend a considerable amount of money trying to engage their customers with their brand. However, when they see that businesses have found their pain points, they feel that you care about them. As a result, engagement begins.

Timing, Wording and Visualizing

No matter how hard you try to offer an innovative idea, if you don’t mind the timing of the execution, you won’t get the expected results. Valentine was identified as one of the symbols of misconceptions about sexual relations. Thus, with the help of Havas and Zenith, the brand has been redesigned to promote the profound change needed for the ultimate goal.

The new look wasn’t the end, it was the way to communicate with the audience. While using the letter, it looked somewhat traditional how they used it to be very modern and impressive.

Short and creative sentences combined with advising tone about wrong attitudes at the beginning and then rising to the next to urge people to show us good use of the wording. Even the usual fonts used by the brand have been changed. If you want to highlight the importance of the issue and the need for radical change, you should show it in your brand and related activities.

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durex social experiment

In other words, customers need to feel your strong belief in changes in different aspects. It could start with your visual identity and continue to work with your products, services, interactions and, in general, your entire business with customers.

In short, businesses should accept that if they want to remain active in their community, they should be socially active. The ideal form of activity for businesses is to operate it in the form of social innovation. It means that while you’re solving one of your social issues, you’re trying to make a financial profit. Remember, you’re not going to solve the entire economic problem just by focusing on your neighbourhood. I’m sure there are a lot of opportunities out there.


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