One of the best ways to help yourself in furlough times by maintaining your confidence and motivation without doubt is investing in personal growth and learning new relevant skills. In this article we will discuss some tips about how to stay busy and learn new skills in the quarantine days.

What furlough means to pay workers in the sense of the financial crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic differs widely in various regions of the world, but is widely recognized as unpaid leave.

As a result, while impacted staff may have more spare time on their hands, activities are still restricted to the boundaries of your house due to widespread locking efforts during the pandemic.

“Keeping yourself motivated and discovering new ways of learning vital skills will make the inevitable getting back to work easier or open the door to new future opportunities,” Namrata Murlidhar, marketing director at LinkedIn Learning said, encouraging furloughed employees to stay as routine as possible.

Jo Cresswell, a career specialist at the Glassdoor Jobs Website, has said that the number of employees being furloughed “glows the spotlight on the value of transferable skills.”

This applies to those who were laid off and who are aiming at a potential career change in order to enter the workforce faster, and also to those who are trying to boost their ability to return to their work “stronger”

The core skills that she said are important for keeping you sharp during this period involve active listening, which is not just listening to reply, but also understanding the real meaning of what is being conveyed to you and being able to respond appropriately.

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Working from home in quarantine days

Likewise, she emphasized the importance of interpersonal skills, both verbal and written, with an emphasis on the ability to be “clear, coherent and logical.”

Organizational skills are also crucial, Cresswell said, in keeping the ability to achieve deadlines, multitasking and “always to understand the status of any activity point.”

Join Online classes

Dominic Harvey, Manager of a UK based jobs website named CWJobs, urged people on temporary leave to try out free online classes to improve their expertise and learn new skills, stating that he himself had recently began an online Google course in marketing.

Another webstie is edX, which provides a variety of free digital courses from top universities and colleges like Harvard, like ‘Modern masterpieces of world literature.’ There are also classes on soft skills, such as ‘Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success’ by Imperial College London.

Online Platform Coursera provides both free and paid courses, namely soft skills courses such as “Improving communication skills” at Wharton Business School.

Staff who pursue these classes will definitely benefit as corporate leaders and HR managers will respect and appreciate the ability to expand their skills over time,” Harvey said.

As per a study of 301 HR workers released this week by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, companies expect to furlough workers given the financial pressure placed on their businesses by the pandemic.

In the meantime, outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas discovered in a survey of 254 American businesses in March that 37% of firms said that they were likely to furlough staff over the next three months.

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