“I’ve had to switch from contacts to glasses because of all the screen time and video calls,” says Afton Vechery, the co-founder of Modern Fertility, a home pregnancy testing company about the biggest change she had to go through during coronavirus quarantine. Her company has received $22 million in funding in 2017. She spoke to us regarding the difficulties of quarantine-work. Though many people have plenty of time on their hands now, Vechery is busier than ever. Stay with us and see how she can cut distractions and how productive she is during all this.

Climb All the Mountains

Around 6:30 am the alarm clock starts ringing. “Many of the founders have these incredible hacks of morning efficiency, like mindfulness,” Vechery says.”The single biggest primary motivator for me would be to go and do something I love. And so, uh, after I wake up, this equates into emails in bed.” Afterwards, Vechery usually bikes to work. She’s changed her commute since the crisis with an early in the morning trip to the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. For me it doubles the period. “It’s very good because you’re not getting distracted seated in front of a monitor to realise what’s going to come up from your subconscious,” she says.

Afton Vechery

Meetings Time

The days of Vechery in quarantine also include even more one-on-one meetings than it was before, but that is the cost of maintaining data flow going. Modern Fertility has introduced daily meetings where workers are willing to consult on existing and potential initiatives. And the team has arranged optional virtual meals and happy hours, which she drops into whenever she can. She and co-founder Carly Leahy, either at home or at work, usually eat dinner while working and wrap it up around 9 p.m.—though they encourage employees to leave earlier.

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Clear Homepage, Clear Mind

Vechery relies on an application called Captio that allows her to send a note with a single click to herself. But on the home page of her iPhone, you won’t see the Captio button, which is free of anything but three applications: Calendar, Clock and Notes. Looking for applications manually helps Vechery avoid annoying notifications. “As a founder, anything important you should be doing is always there,” she says. “But you become a stronger leader because you have the opportunity to sort about what you’re focused on.”

Afton Vechery cut distractions

Portion Control

When Vechery finds some time for TV, she usually begins with the season finale and watches the episodes in reverse order. The weird habit helps to keep the urge to binge away. “My character is extremely addictive,” she says. “And for me this is easier.” Vechery even unravels by practicing trumpet. “This is a total break from everything that in life,” she notes. “It’s really allowing you to process your thoughts differently.”

How do you cut distractions during coronavirus quarantine days? Let us know in the comments section below.


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