Video content have always been very popular for consumers around the world. With the outbreak of Coronavirus this video content became even more popular as studies say that around 80 percent of people consumed more content than ever before. Studies suggest that by 2022T more than 80 percent of contents created will be video and by the end of this year, and average person will watch around 100 minutes of video in a day.

I visited a wide array of online events last week and the ones that used video efficiently stood out instantly. Microsoft’s Biz Apps Summit and IBM’s Think 2020 were a few good examples to me. Both activities included a lot of footage, and although each handled it a little differently, embedding an immersive multimedia technique made content consuming hours more appealing. Yes, people are starving for content, they have time to consume it and they are in a place where they are independent to consume it at will — most probably their homes.

Although many businesses rely on the power of digital as a replacement for face-to – face activities, amid the COVID-19 outbreak there’s an unparalleled chance to change to video as an overall means of customer interaction, communication and retention. Throughout this time, the following are some ways to integrate video into your marketing plan.

Set a Clear Goal

Although video is immensely famous, that doesn’t imply it’s always going to be “effective.” One survey found that 45 percent of marketing teams halted or interrupted a video initiative halfway through 2020. Why? For what? Most possibly that they hadn’t identified a specific target. Find time before creating your video content to evaluate what your ultimate goal really is to make sure your video accomplishes the desired results. Looking for easy engagement? Looking to retain already existing clients? Looking to share the data on what your business is doing in the battle against coronavirus over and above normal? Ensure you transform those goals into video before you can even send your project out the door. What’s more, always be practical. The demand for consumers is down, the time period. This is a time to transform your aspirations of what they want and what they can give you in the course of this time.

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Video Content

Make it Deliberate

Right now, customers get flooded with content. Everyone simply needs to reassure their consumers what they are doing to keep their food, goods and workers healthy through the crisis. That is in principle a positive thing. Research shows, though, that 43 per cent of customers assume that the COVID-19 messaging they are getting right now is very identical. All appears to copy and paste the “rest assured, we’re doing all we can …” dialog thread, instead of thinking from the core and distinguishing from the chaos. The other day I saw a humorous post on Facebook saying something around the lines of “Coronavirus Advertising: Look at all these apps, purchase a < add brand here >. Coronavirus advertising: We do care about you, so take a look at all these stuff, and buy a < insert the same brand here >.

How could that change? Make sure your communications have a real intent. Your video needs to offer something directly to the client, well beyond having a business objective. Digital is after all about enhancing customer experience. If the content represents you, and not the client, that would just create annoyance. Create, or don’t submit it at all, a straightforward place to connect, uplift and assist.

Become Authentic

Video is the content which is most probable to go viral. The only way of creating this type of content is for your brand to be genuine. What is the character of your Brand? For Oreo, it is Stay Home. Stay Playful ad absolutely put a smile on my face — it made me want some cookies. The One Team campaign from Budweiser tugged onto my heart strings. But those reactions didn’t come as a big surprise from those two companies. The content they produced felt like their company and they did everything without trying to call out their product explicitly.

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While these businesses have massive budgets and likely large marketing teams, the lesson here is how they utilized their voice. How can your company use its distinctive and genuine voice to develop the kind of videos that customers don’t just watch but browse and share intentionally?

Be smart about your expenditures

Ok, you’re not Oreo or Budweiser. You might face some limits. You may have had to follow Google’s lead and spend the rest of the year cutting your marketing out. You have to remember as a company: the marketing expenditures that you are making right now might not pay off in terms of profits. That’s why, keeping your costs under control is so crucial. Instead of creating large numbers in the studio, use actual people. Use the stories on Instagram. Film things with your phone, and edit them using software such as iMovie. Point being: they cannot carry sales while they are successful. Invest intelligently in your video plan.

Concentrate on Mobile

Some 55 per cent of people get their news from their smart phones during the quarantine in place days. Personally, while doing my personal surveys, social searches etc. on my phone I prefer to do my tasks on the desktop. That said, ensure your video content is friendly to the mobile. Take into account the simplicity of download and streamings. Understand which platform you are uploading it from. For example, as the owner YouTube, Google has some advantages. Its search is incorporated in both platforms, so you get almost double search power for the content you upload on YouTube. As mentioned above, these information are having a significant impact when attempting to make the most out of your budget.

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Finally, gaze around. The videos that go viral during the … virus … are those who offer optimism, knowledge and happiness to citizens. They’re recordings of physicians exchanging soothing thoughts, residents singing in favor of their fellow neighbors from their homes, and even a lesson of how to use gloves appropriately. People want support and knowledge. Period. If marketing videos from your company could provide that in an honest way, your business is on its road to recovery.


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