It is 1993, Sundar Pichai is at his younger days when he arrives in United States to study at Stanford. That day he never imagined that one day, he is going to be the CEO of two of the most valuable companies in the word, Google and Alphabet. Now, he believes that a 2-Step plan including an open mind and a deep passion can help everybody to have a successful life. According to Google CEO, whether your goal is starting a company, building a good career or finding a dream job, this plan can put you on the path to success.

In a recent YouTube video message for the 2020 class, Pichai shared his story. His family had no phone line till he was 10. Until he left his country India for graduate school at Stanford University, he had not even travelled on a plane. Upon his arrival, Pichai quickly discovered that the expense of a backpack ($60) was equal to a month’s pay for his dad back in India. “Computing was a bright light for me at this period. I was able to use a machine anytime I needed to for the first time in my life. This really boggled my mind,” he said. Pichai had discovered his enthusiasm — step one to create a successful career.

Step One. Find your passion.

“Take your time to discover the thing in the world that impresses you more than anything,” Pichai advised.

Passion requires bravery, he added. Trying to find what you love to do is not always the same thing that your parents, colleagues, or society says you should do. “If I had decided to stay the graduate school course I would likely have a PhD today that would have made my parents really happy,” he said. “But I would have skipped the chance to introduce the technology’s advantages to too many people, so I will definitely not be speaking here as Google CEO.”

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For Pichai, a passion goes much further than a passing interest in a field or topic. An all-consuming passion. It’s a firm belief that continuing to pursue the topic will serve the people and make the world a greater place than you discovered it.

Step Two. Pursue your passion with an open mind

The second step to successfully developing a career is to pursue your passion with an “open mind.”

Pichai realized he had to fulfill his love — technology — but he left his mind free so he could be guided by the love.

Pichai began working for semiconductor businesses when he finished university at Stanford, realizing that this would be the perfect way to satisfy his desire. However, he has shifted direction. “It did take me a while to know that the internet will be the perfect place for more people to use information,” he added.

When he changed his opinion about how best to create a change in his profession, Pichai entered Google, where he worked to further develop the Google Chrome Browser.

I have always said it’s all passion. Unless you are influenced by yourself you cannot motivate others. But while saying “Find your passion” is easy, it is more difficult to define what it means, or what to look for.

I got a good awareness of what passion is and how to follow it after writing 10 books on communication and leadership — and having met several of the best – known business owners.

Pichai is nailing it. A passion is a profound feeling of optimism and a mission. But to transform that enthusiasm into reality requires creativity and an open mind.

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I’ve had a passion for a subject in college — communication and leadership. I didn’t realize how to make money or start a career out of it, but I decided to keep an open mind about where the adventure could lead.

Before moving to a major in journalism, I studied pre-law. I thought a journalism career would satisfy my passion. It did for some time, but I kept my mind open to other options. I later became an author, a writer, a coach and a public speaker. There were none of those titles in my original concept, but my passion managed to keep me moving.

My passion for communication is a cross-line in my professional life, but an open mind has introduced new opportunities to me.

“In your path, you are going to make the world better, yet if you don’t know precisely how,” Pichai told 2020 graduate students. “It’s crucial to be open-minded, because you can discover what you enjoy.”

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