We have always heard from marketers that content marketing is essential to businesses worldwide, because it has the ability to create awareness, marketing expertise and grow your company. But with the current Covid-19 crisis all over the world, some believe that the value scale of content marketing has changed dramatically.

We addressed the absolutely incredible sea change we are seeing during our latest talk with Adrian Lurssen, a former Yahoo staff and co-founder of content delivery and data company JD Supra. “For years we have seen and said that leadership in business services marketing and business growth is important. In recent months, we saw this interest on a scale and quite rapidly. This crisis has demonstrated beyond question how important leaders of thinking are for the world, particularly in times when everybody needs to understand the anarchy in a crisis.

Perspective and authority for journalists and editors

Lurssen says: “In any discussion regarding the ‘ROI’ of thought leadership, media attention often emerges. Reporters are looking online for outlets and additional details. They focus on shares in social media, blog entries, and content on JD Supra. Often you cite a previous article or post; sometimes what you read encourages you to approach the writer for additional information. This tends to happen with mass media and niche journals that serve particular sectors, from insurance to agricultural sector, education to cyber-security – exactly the type of companies that are in need of awareness among the industries. We saw these obligations regularly, if not hourly, on JD Supra. Throughout this crisis, media connections fueled by thoughtful leadership were daily, if not hourly. It’s absolutely incredible.

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“Our customers who are doing this best don’t just cover the news,” Lurssen says. “We make much sense of what it entails-to the individuals we represent as clients in legal, administrative or other terms. Newspapers and editors at the NPR, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and these main or niche journals are also trying to give their users a sense of the news and rely on legal professionals and others who write to lead their thought.

In professional service thought leadership, writers generally have a perception of the need for knowledge. (Assume a lawyer thinking clearly of HIPAA factors on the job of a human resources manager in a major company during a widely spread pandemic.) This is important knowledge, which people have to hear right away.

Is supply satisfying demand?

As per Lurssen, yes. “Since the beginning of Covid-19 crisis, some companies have created 10x more content than before, some are creating 20x more. And there’s been an increase in reader desire for content. This crisis affects all personal and professional elements, and this reflects the huge interest on all-round related content-from insurance to personal issues.

Content marketing

JD Supra delivers legal firm and other technically focused information distributed on its website to clients and affiliate channels. Editors check that the content is classified in journalistic style and structured in such a manner that it is delivered to the correct audience.

… a roar of appreciation from the readers

“We’d get a wide range of queries and answers to posts until the COVID-19 crisis. Comments like: “I understand,” “Could we bring this back into our newsletter?'” ‘Should I get you back in touch?’ “Great email, but I don’t understand with your third argument…’ Today the overwhelming portion of the comments from writers to writers are, ‘Thanks so much for your support…”

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Is it easier to get unwilling experts to start writing?

A further advantage of this kind of thought leadership is that it contributes to invitations to symposiums, which will also assist with business growth and the acquisition of new customers. “Nowadays we don’t have conferences,” says Lurssen, “writing is much more of a straight connection to new customer interactions than ever before. The online environment is a safe battleground where you can tell the world about your part.

JD Supra’s experiences are somewhat close to my own at Clearview Social. We make it easier for businesses and organizations to allow their staff to exchange authorized information through their specific social media. Since COVID-19, we’ve seen six consecutive weeks of all-time high content share and all-time high visits to that post.

Can content marketing help the business?

When the content marketing is on-the-point, the outcomes will be spectacular and instant. “Thoughtful leadership in corporate management pushes the ball along in several aspects when it comes to communications and business development. Yet, through the years, there have also been home-based solutions: innovative consumer experience is actually generated by writing.


Legal services, accounting, banks, leadership and other expert content is much more precious than gold right now since, unlike any other we have witnessed in our lives, we are faced with a global recession. With uncertainties, people are turning to their reliable counselors to help them manage this terrible time.


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