There are not many people nowadays who don’t know Steve Jobs. If you know him well you probably also know that he always tried to keep everything simple and just focus on the most important things in life like his health. With his wife Laurene and their children, Steve Jobs always had some nightly habits which helped him rest, recharge, have a good balance between life and work and also sleep well.

The folks at Owaves’ circadian rhythm app gathered the data available regarding Steve Jobs and formed a standard daily schedule for him. It will certainly be a mistake to imitate any of his acts, such as driving in handicapped spaces or consuming apples or broccoli for long periods. However, a few of his routines were excellent ways to be focused, attentive, excellently-rested and healthy.

Below are some of that routine’s most essential aspects, and the science about why they’ve been successful.

1- Upon dinner, he always drank sweet herbal tea.

The Jobs family began their evenings right away with a balanced, nutritious dinner and most of it a plant-based meal. Both Steve and Laurene took great care of organic foods and good food. And while he was a renowned workaholic, particularly in his younger ages, Owaves says that he always would come home for dinner every night at 5.30 pm.

Upon dinner, they drank hot herbal tea, often prepared from their garden with herbs like lemon verbena. Lemon verbena tea and herbal teas overall have a range of health advantages, including help for absorption, balance and relaxing and the body’s elimination of toxins.

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herbal tea for better sleep

2- He always went for a walk.

Steve, who had travelled across India, stayed a lover of walking his entire life. He sometimes approached people travelling instead of sitting in a conference room or local cafe.

Just as much as he would have exercised throughout the day, after dinner he would stroll with Laurene again. It was a really wise decision to do because several tests have found that walking makes people sleep better and can boost sleep efficiency.

3- He meditated and enjoyed songs.

When he and Laurene had children, Steve spent almost every night at home. “I’ve got a very straightforward life,” he said. “I’ve got my kids and I’ve got Apple and Pixar companies. So I don’t want anything more.” Rather, OWAVES notes that Steve Jobs always spent the final hour of his day listening to music or meditating. Steve was Zen Buddhism’s supporter – many assume he was inspired by Zen’s emphasis on simplification and he practiced meditation throughout most of his life. Meditation has numerous well-documented advantages and encourages proper sleep for brain activity.

Research also indicates that hearing relaxing music will slow down your pulse rate, reduce blood pressure, decrease stress factors such as cortisol and help you fall asleep. The Jobs family used to have Yo-Yo Ma in the living room, and Steve then said it was the strongest reason he believed about existence of god.

Even though you can’t get a world class composer to step over and give you a private concert and even without a fresh herb garden, these things can be all done by anybody to recharge your mind and body and to sleep a greater night. Do you want to give it a shot?

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