Working from home during quarantine days has grounded down all of our energy and motivation. Although remote work conditions are not new, the incredible strands of extra pressure from the Covid-19 pandemic can push you to your boundaries. Right now, you might have to actively work for your creativity, productivity, and overall audacity to do what you do best: drive innovation, and generate value where you haven’t done it before.

Here are 3 ways to rehabilitate your entrepreneurship motivation and get back to a fruitful flow while you work at home.

1- Trust the Hype of Adrenaline

“Hype,” for me, has long been synonymous with excitement, and the fastest, best surge of excitement is always the longest in my emotional and physical muscles: an explosion of movement that stimulates various sections of my body and pushes the air into my lungs. Immediately thereafter, I’m overhyped. Literally. The juices flow, only if at first in the shape of sweat on my forehead.

I believe in the hype of adrenaline as a motivating factor, especially when it is triggered by physical activity. This workout is a reflection of what our bodies are capable of achieving on a physically and mentally basis. Afterwards, I feel grateful for the body’s capacity, which quickly contribute to a less stressed mental state, which places me back in a position of transparency and imagination.

With quarantine in place and restrictions easing slowly over time, many of us should be able to spread our legs in outdoors and open areas at protected distances. That’s going to help. Meanwhile, play with old-fashioned core drills such as plank stance, army push-ups, and sit ups. They just do the trick for me, all the time.

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2- Meditate for only 10 to 12 minutes

This iconic article from the Harvard Business Review demonstrates how mindfulness therapy functions to improve imagination and creativity: it enhances endurance, decreases fatigue, controls feelings, and moves our focus to a more optimistic mindset such that we can help recover from losses. Just as little as 10 to 12 minutes at a period makes a notable change, even when we just sit still, close our eyes, and breathe more purposely.


To intensify the plunge and attach to the toolkit, try various methods and optimize the approach that fits best for you. For starters, a new strategy called RAIN is also oriented towards handling stress that many of us experience right now.

Let’s be sincere here. Meditation will not cause any of the existing stress and pressures to go away, but it can help to control them. This may involve getting back to a position where we feel more like our inspired selves.

3- Broaden Your Horizons, Mindfully

Now would be the best time to broaden your passions and pursue motivation in different ways to motivate yourslef. As an instance, the wine sector is my home base as a businessman, and I can truthfully say that there has not been a better opportunity for customers to get into the pleasant flow of wine. From virtual tastings by well-respected (momentarily furloughed) restaurant wine tasters, to winemakers taking their cameras to the wineries to offer different insights, to educators providing an ample supply of online or distance learning opportunities, there’s a time for wine sharing.

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I’m prejudiced, of course, but to see the world via a glass of wine is one of the most earthy, interesting, and satisfying moments in my life. Every bottle has a different tale, but the more you test, the more you see that every glass, and often every drink, offers a new perspective. When you cherish it with your mind, with a gracious consciousness of the labor and the hands and the genetic processes that have helped bring it to your table, wine has the ability to motivate.

Leaders, such as Steve Jobs, recognize and develop the link among encouragement and motivation for innovation.

Let yourself be motivated by the entrepreneurship that we’re seeing across wine, tourism, and hospitality industries right now. Few sectors are hit very hard by Covid-19, or react as innovatively and entrepreneurially to its constraints. It’s a long way to go, but observing their motivational spirit, amidst all the odds, equates to me as a motivating factor in itself.


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