Nowadays Instagram is one of the most popular Social Medias out there, used by a lot of marketing specialists and business owners to get their message spread. Instagram itself has evolved greatly since its launch and every month they are adding lots of new features to the app. Instagram stories is one of the cool features that companies use to engage with their audiences. In this article we want to introduce 11 Instagram story ideas that can help your business get more followers and visibility.

  1. Create a mesmerizing pre-story

When new users arrive on your page they have no idea what you’re standing for, or who you are. Most famous Instagrammers produce an entertaining and eye-catching short profile, then describe what they’re all about in a few short words. One way to gain more followers is by producing a compelling pre-story or profile that encourages users to click on the button below.

Whether you’re a company or a person that’s trying to be a brand, you need an enticing short profile. That seem to be one of the trends in the Instagram story that we saw this year as well.

  1. Work on story takeovers with influencers

Working closely with excellent influencers was a form of marketing on Instagram, at which brands used to pay on the influencer’s feed for some paid posts, and wait to gain new followers. Another new trend in Instagram story in 2018 is to encourage an influencer to take over the account of a brand and create unique content for the company. The advertising is done in a subtle way, and the influencer doesn’t really state or urge his / her followers to use the stamp, but demonstrates them how he / she uses it and the great results he or she gets. This is more successful than the other ways advertisements are put on influencer feeds.

  1. Surveys on ideas and content

To keep your viewers engaged you will also use polling. Using polling to do some clever research with the public too. You’ll get to know what your audience needs to see, and produce content that’ll certainly be popular with your fans. Give them a sense of pride and they’ll respond better than ever to your posts. If they start posting posts from your company that were made with their ideas, you ‘d certainly gain more followers.

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When you have a travel business, for example, you might ask your followers which place they wished to visit and hear about. You can ask your followers for more suggestions when you run out of ideas.

Instagram continues to introduce the newest filters, and provides rewards for views, and you can take a vote on the new feature. Polls must be kept clear, with quick questions and quick responses. It may be just a yes or no followed by a choice for a longer response. Taking part in a poll and getting a hand in voting on your posts would make your followers better connect to you and in the future they will still do more with your business.

  1. Put on exclusive fonts, stickers and GIFs

Some of the new trends in Instagram story is using exclusive fonts and graphics, and GIFs. While there isn’t a lot of fonts and GIFs to pick from on Instagram, you might follow the lead of famous hashtags that use loads of fun stickers and GIFS, and source those from applications like Design Kit (A Color Story). Design Kit includes more than 30 new fonts and more than 120 designs and hundreds of stickers.

Instagram Story
Gifs in Instagram Story
  1. Give Shoutouts

As you may have noticed by now, Instagram is highly competitive. Many individuals and companies have taken it like fish to sea, and have had millions of fans to use this medium to their benefit. Yet certain brands need to work very hard, which can take certain time to develop the market. However hang tight and stay alert for the new features in Instagram story. For example, several brands are now giving shoutouts to their competitors or similar strategists. Giving rivals shoutouts might sound like committing company suicide, but in reality you would get a shout in exchange that would draw new fans.

  1. Unique Templates

Build custom templates online, and use them to offer some awesome freebies to your followers.

  1. Mini-video Posts

Instagram’s 15-second limit on stories makes sharing meaningful videos virtually impossible. Several clever Instagrammers have figured out a way around this by uploading a set of mini videos to get their point across. Using the Storeo application, a free software that can be used to slice / splice a long video to shorter videos while keeping the plot.

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Instagram story

  1. Location

It appears one of this year’s most popular Instagram story trends is to mark the location. Merge that with famous hashtags and you’ll have a prolific following soon. If you highlight the location, you could get up to 50 per cent more viewers.

  1. Encourage Messaging

Instagram’s algorithm modifications in 2018 have resulted in a decline in user engagement. You’ll certainly get more content from people with whom you engage daily. Instagram will share posts from users you already have regular contact with, not some mysterious page that you have been watching for a long time.

So contacting your followers and asking them to send you a message, would allow you to see a wide variety of accounts. In fact, messaging establishes a true bond with the clients.

  1. Reveal your state of mind

If you are running a company account, you just can’t rant. But if you’re setting up your own brand, then let them see your highs and lows. You should share what you really feel, and your followers should relate to you, and maybe even motivate you to get over breaks.

  1. Share your opinions

Our views set us apart from those of others. Do not necessarily be ‘politically right’ and keep yourself from voicing your opinion on a current event.   Many people might not like you but they’re going to know where you are standing.

Going live, building wallpapers, showing your work are other ideas from the story that gained popularity recently. Analyze the influencers and learn from them a thing or two so you will develop the brand easily and steadily.

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