If you’ve ever played golf before, you probably know that to choose the right club for the situation is the very first step to succeed on the course. Even if you hit the ball very well, when you’ve chosen the wrong club, you will definitely miss the target. One thing to notice here is that for different players with different skill levels, the right club for a particular shot will be different. In this article we want to share some golf lessons that can help your in running you startup business.

This concept also holds true in business. To be successful, you need to select the right method for a given business situation. By recruiting someone or using new tools, the best strategy for a certain business situation varies from one business situation to the next. Golf is hard, so it’s a startup, and that’s ok. But having a look at the golf game, you can see how a few lessons can assist an entrepreneur.

Golf is hard, so is a startup – and it’s all right

It is very normal for entrepreneurs to launch their company with a reasonable degree of inexperience, without realizing that becoming their own manager is more complicated than they thought. In both golf and business, it’s tempting to look at the professionals, and believe they make what they are doing look so easy. But it isn’t, in fact. Everything takes time, persistence and a lot of practice. Much as great golfers have been improving their skills for years, smart entrepreneurs are likely to have invested years, and probably several attempts that ended up struggling to know what it takes for success.

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Do Your Job, Not Everyone’s

You’ll will not see a professional golfer bringing their own bag in a tournament. That’s how they do the job they’re meant to do, since they need to concentrate on their next shot, to maintain their swing on the next shot right. Their caddies do the task of holding the bag, as well as helping them create and execute the technique to drive the hole to work. It’s important for company owners to have people around them who help them with running the business. Particularly solo entrepreneurs must outsource various activities, opening up precious time to be as successful as possible.

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Have a plan

Watch a professional golf tournament and you’ll hear players and caddies explain their plan for each hole, as well as how to play their shots from the tees to the green. In fact, before its first shot of first round, they spent several days out on the course looking at each one of the holes, all the obstacles, and the terrain to come up with the best solution. It must always be done while you run your own company. Take the time to develop project budgets, including estimates and strategies for the first, third , fifth and following years.

Don’t worry about a slow start, finish strong

Devoted golfers and golf enthusiasts can testify to winning tournaments and matches on the back nine most of the time. The top players shake it off after a poor start and find a rhythm after some holes, helping to gain momentum through the round and tournament to enable them finish at the top of their game for the day. Most business owners, in particular entrepreneurs, are failing and feeling down on themselves. But note that running your own company is difficult and it’s just because things can get bumpy that doesn’t imply you can’t pull it together and end up strong. Make sure you don’t doubt yourself until you spend some time in the project and stay in the game to find a way to be powerful.

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What do you think about these golf lessons for your startup business?


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