When founding a startup, especially in its early stages you can do a lot of things solo. But as your startup grows, there will be the need to hire new team members in different departments. From a moment you need to start looking for new team members, in this article we will share with you some tips about how and where you can find great startup team members.

Firstly, the team is by far the most precious resource of the company from the very initial stages. When you meet an angel or seed investor with either a concept or a prototype and a dream without feedback or clients, they would want to ensure that the team is prepared with the requisite skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to implement the strategy effectively to make it the desired outcome.  Fundraising is one major reason why it is important to start with a team.

A startup requires a marketer, a leader and a builder. The leader finds resources, develops a strategy, develops a team, and executes. The designer is the product maker while the marketer brings sales and profits and improves them. Each of these 3 roles has a special skill and input which shapes the overall company.

Hiring as needed can sound more rational. To put it another way, if you know what to build, you hire a builder. And once you’ve got enough to sell you can hire a marketer. The fact is, these two positions play a huge part in determining what to create and sell.

team members

Based on their specific backgrounds and experiences, they distinctively assess and interpret consumer data into actionable steps. Another possible explanation why it’s important to start with a team is to develop and market your app idea in the correct way.

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For budget-sensitive entrepreneurs who cannot employ a designer and marketer from day one, consider including them and engaging them for a start-up testing period throughout which they will contribute to customer growth and preparation by attending client recruitment meetings, investor presentations, sales meetings and team meetings.

Best of all, this evaluation stage will function as a team testing period, taking into account the deleterious business and financial implications of employing the wrong members of the team. Here’s where to find and recruit an excellent team for your startup.

  1. Expert marketplaces

There are a lot of online marketplaces for talented individuals. A specialist marketplace is distinct in that it picks and concentrates on one particular skill.  For example, in several specialist marketplaces when you want to hire a marketing guy, you can filter through thousands of applicants to pick and match the best one for your startup.

Specialized marketplaces these day emerge in development, design, financial services, virtual assistance, content production, and much more. Consider using such marketplaces if you really need help finding, interviewing and recruiting the right person.

  1. Cold Outreach

That may feel like a time-consuming and limited choice. To me this is how I hired most of the members of my team. Your dream team leader is often only one quest further. Don’t underestimate the strength of search engine and social media research if you know who you’re searching for.

  1. Recommendations and Referrals

What would be the first thought that comes to mind while hearing, getting the advice and referral from someone? Typically, we think of asking them if they would guide us to a brilliant applicant with whom they worked and trust. This is the only way you can find the best members of your team.

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Recommendations, and references changed in today’s social culture. Think of the last time a business person has seen a social media post trying to fill a spot. Many of these types of posts tend to go popular, because odds are that even if your friends, followers and members of the team do not fill that role or are not interested, most would know someone that does. And the post will go viral.

You want the announcement to increase its reach? Should not wait to communicate with cold outreach, and ask influencers to spread the message. This is a positive idea, as they will use it to assist their fans.

In addition, the startup will no longer be able to run as a single individual company until you know it, and will require the resources, abilities, and experience of outstanding team members that will help you achieve the dream. The earlier the investment is made, the better.


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