Since late last month, the United Kingdom has started loosening lockdowns all over the country and thus, we saw a lot of shops and business reopen. Despite this, vast majority of British consumers still prefer to do their shopping online and they are avoiding purchasing in physical stores.

Since easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom, stores reopened and shoppers were able to shop in-store again. British consumers, however, are still skeptical of purchasing goods in physical stores and online buying is the popular choice at the moment.

This is according to study released by ChannelAdvisor e-commerce website and Dynata research data company, which polled 1,050 British consumers on 22 June, a week after most stores were able to open again.

More than 60 percent of participants did not went to a store since the reopening, and 40 percent of them who visited physical stores said the actual shopping experience was ‘less fun’ than before the pandemic. However, over the next month, only 40 percent of buyers decided to visit high street stores, while 35 percent chose to go for shopping malls.

British consumers could stick to the online shopping they had in the lockdown period

46 percent of those surveyed who abstained entirely from in-store shopping when asked for a purpose of that decision noted the disruption caused by closed changing rooms and restricted entry, 59 percent wished to avoid potential long lines, 32 percent believed that shops would not have appropriate measures in place and 25 percent favored to buy online only.

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The study also reported that many British consumers could stick to the online shopping they had in the lockdown period: 67% of shoppers did respond that they felt confident buying from online markets such as Amazon, 58% said that buying directly from online retailers made them feel comfortable and only 29% said they felt comfortable shopping in physical shops.

“We suspected there would be some uncertainty about going to visit the stores during the reopening week, but it seems as if many shoppers would stay away for at least the next month,” said Jon Maury, general manager, EMEA for ChannelAdvisor’s, in a statement. “Vendors must be praised for incorporating safety measures into their physical stores, but online channels should still be utilized because many customers still prefer to shop online.

“Digital marketplaces are now the main buying path for most consumers, and manufacturers and distributors need to make sure that they are building up their digital shop fronts now despite sluggish growth in store sales.”


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