As the job of futurists as the name implies is to predict the future, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of them started working on the new and innovative ideas that could emerge after this pandemic ends. In this article, we want to share 5 of these ideas with you. Stay tuned!

Smart entrepreneurs are not waiting around so things back to normal. Instead, they will embed their creative thinking into ideas that work for a transformed reality.

COVID-19, as we know, has indeed did lead to some clever inventions in sectors like delivery. And there is no reason to believe post-pandemic will fade the spark out.

“Smart entrepreneurs understand our need to adapt and they channel their creativity towards innovative concepts that can overcome COVID-related issues,” says Jim Carroll,  a futurist and founder of J.A. Carroll Consulting. Consulting with Carroll.

These are five ideas Carroll feels could come up in the short to mid-term. [See Welcome to the Future for more on what our post-pandemic world might look like: what a post-pandemic world might look like.]

1) Customized Education

Even though Carroll sees education as the most diverse industry in the world, he believes there will be a great deal of innovation going on in this sector because the whole industry is being “massively disrupted.” For instance, instead of signing up for a whole university programme, a student could perhaps buy a course if they need it. “In other words, we could see the provision of high quality education on a just-in-time basis,” he states.

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2) Learn by playing

We’re also expected to see re-introduction of game ideas in school, as per Carroll. “If you give leaders of the gaming community an online class, you can add immersive features to inspire students to get engaged,” he says. “They should remain concentrated on the information offered to them while they interact with those factors.”

3) Food as a Service

Carroll believes there will be huge changes in food business and some chefs will move beyond restaurants as we knew them. Instead, they could lock up a low-cost industrial area and build a fully fully functioning high-end kitchen, together with a delivery network there. “Other ambitious chefs are already improving such innovative ideas as we talk,” Carroll notes.

Innovative Ideas

4) Concierge Service;

Because online shopping (especially for grocery stores) can be quite annoying, Carroll believes we’ll see a lot of change to make the experience a bit more pleasant — literally. He believes, for instance, that we will see what he likes to call a concierge service emerging. “There is a whole group of people who should be doing things for you,” he says. “If you’re not feeling confident with your food shopping, these people are going to do it. If you don’t want to walk into a shop, they’re going to do it too. It will be a whole kind of Uber-style service that will redefine what shopping means.


As Carroll describes, he saw a lot of mom and pop stores curious to know how to buy online. “Clearly, large e-commerce firms are already very adept at e-commerce though it can be a challenging task for small businesses. So I believe we will see many young businesses say ‘We are going to offer a turnkey service’ to small companies.

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Do you think there are other innovative ideas that could emerge post-Covid 19? Let us know in the comments section below.


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