We all agree that Coronavirus pandemic is a defining moment in the lives of Generation Z, since the pandemic is just one pivotal incidents in their life, it is being considered as a concept that strengthens their faith in constant transition.

As per the research and consultancy company Gen Z planet LLC, that recently conducted two studies on the habits, beliefs and perceptions of Generation Z with respect to Covid-19 and provides retailers and brands with perspectives on how to better approach this niche.

“We find that although the pandemic has rattled every dimension of their lives, their basic beliefs, behaviors and way of thinking about consumption remains unshaken,” says Hana Ben-Shabat, founder of the planet Gen Z, in a statement. “The Covid-19 pandemic, if anything, seems to strengthen a few of the generational character traits that they already possess, especially their conservative approach to spending, their desires for a more just world and their enthusiasm.

“It includes thinking creatively about their pricing model, the total value they offer and a renewed focus on becoming a responsible corporate citizen” for companies looking to engage with this generation.

The studies have showed that 73 percent of the respondents said they would continue to go to shops, especially local ones, as much as or more than they did just before pandemic started.

Hana Ben-Shabat added: “This Covid-19 pandemic has exposed small company risks, and the need to help them. As a consequence, 40 per cent of survey participants said they will continue to help small local businesses in the future. Gen Zers have paid particular attention to the manner in which marketers reacted to both the pandemic and recent demonstrations against institutional racism, leaning heavily towards purpose-driven marketers and preferring action over speech.

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