If you are a business owner, you have undoubtedly heard about influencer marketing, which is a collaboration between business and social media influencers. These days a lot of companies all over the world utilize influencer marketing as a great source of getting brand awareness, reaching new costumers and also getting leads. In this article we will share everything you need to know about influencer marketing.

So when it comes to advertising, we mean advertisement! It is no wonder that ‘influencer marketing’ is the term given to this tactic of using a partner, whose reputation is concentrated in a market segment, to grow the business of a partner.

While this technique is older than the spread of the internet itself, it has become more apparent across social media. Not to take into account that everyone knows an influencer, even if they’re not aware of it.

And that’s why, in today’s article, we’re trying to describe how influencer marketing tends to work and why you must try applying it to your company.

What’s influencer marketing?

Even though influencer marketing has evolved thanks to internet, it started even before the digital boom.

The aim is to use someone who represents the company and is older than you assume.

This concept was created before the turn of the last century, when Aunt Jemima, a pancake mix company, printed the face of Nancy Green, a glamorous North American former slave, and a storyteller, on its packages.

This might seem insignificant, but we’re thinking about the late 19th century, and it hasn’t been done before. Since it was Nancy’s face on their packages, the company got more than 50,000 orders.

Nancy Green wasn’t very famous. Yet she has become the face of a company product. This has led to greater communication with the end customer. And the charm of the model, of course, helped too.

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Influencer Marketing

For all the changes made in the past 150 years, lot has changed. These day, this form of advertisement requires more than just someone who may be the “face” of a product.

Today, such an individual is a company spokesperson, capable of inspiring the consumer to get to know the company all over the internet.

Investing in these influencer marketers involves ensuring that the business is present in a specific audience, with someone they meet and who plays the role of influence of the so-called social media influencers.

Who are the social media influencers?

While this strategy to target an audience is older than we can remember, today it is very much connected – if not exclusively – to digital marketing.

Social media influencers are people who can attract audiences with their own content, whether it’s on blogs, social media or YouTube channels.

And these platforms are great for increasing the knowledge of the customer that comes in handy in an advertising campaign.

And social media influencers are able to draw a professional audience to your company through their friendliness, professional content, and wisdom. And due to this, they generate the attention of people in all that they use, do, say and offer in their content! Including services and products.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

You have already heard about some of the benefits of applying influencer marketing to your company, have you not? This strategic approach gives you much easier access to the right customers.

But not all of that. See other advantages of investing in influencer marketing.


You know the specifics that you could face while trying to recruit a celebrity to be your girl or boy poster? Agents, agencies, schedules, and other specifics…

That doesn’t happen with influencer marketing!

It is much simpler and even more accessible with the influencers. The total amount and payment options vary dramatically, but you could still build collaborations that benefit both parties in terms of the image and brand’s reach– a measure that influencers extremely value.

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Greater audience trust

You already know that this tactic enables you to achieve niche audiences, thanks to the reach of influencers.

And that is another benefit of a strategy of this kind. Influencers are widely recognized by their fan bases and the authority they create is the assurance that the brand is trustworthy.

To put it that way, once an influencer says that your company is good, the audience can accept that idea even easier.

Improving the image of the brand

Remember what we stated earlier about Nancy Green and Aunt Jemima? These day, this same tactic to make the business more human still tends to work, and it is a big benefit of using influencer marketing.

Besides recruiting the person to become the “ambassador” for your brand, taking your company ever closer to your target, influencer marketing helps make your product or brand genuine and real.Influencer Marketing

In other words, the consumer is seeing itself in the product simply because it was suggested by someone they respect.

How is that strategy working?

Okay, perfect. You are convinced that the best solution for your digital business is influencer marketing, be it an eBook or digital course.

But you start wondering, “I have got to email an influencer and let them manage it all? Certainly not.

The internet offers several chances for content creation and marketing and you can strategically utilize each one.

The first thing that needs to be transparent in order to get into this world of possibilities is to realize which market you want to attract in order to find the right match for your campaign.

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You will operate on a model that is consistent with your concept and the contents that the influencer manages once you have found your influencer.

Some formats are now trending, such as the renowned “gift received” tactic.

Let’s say you have a partnership with a YouTuber. They get a “gift” from your business and advertise it by unboxing it and trying out the product. This method already has a tag for it. It is called unboxing.

Another really popular – and therefore very stimulating one – are collaborations in which the influencer discusses a topic that you master.

Assume you have a course or an eBook on movies. You should ask a blogger who specializes in the topic to write in a post about your services or products!

And social media influencers are able to draw a professional audience to your company through their friendliness, professional content, and wisdom.

Or somebody who has a YouTube channel about recipes and uses your product to cook a meal.

There are other endless possibilities that will improve the chances of attracting the right consumers and thus increase the visibility of the company with the aid of the influencer.

How can you hire an influencer?

The Internet offers a number of possibilities for creating effective collaborations that enables your brand to be quickly discovered by a new audience, or even revamp content delivered by someone your audience trusts.

If you’re serious about applying influencer marketing to your company, it’s time to find an influencer!

Only take certain care, such as picking someone just because of their number of followers. Consider the type of content they are creating, as well as their fan base. After all, there’s no use in cooperating with a trending blogger when their fan base is completely different from yours, isn’t it?


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