Google is the best example of a business which changes or updates its products or services very often. Usually there is not a day that google won’t change or update them. One of these products is the Google Bots Crawler that crawls the billions of pages on the web to find the best data and show it to us in search results pages. For business owners, keeping their websites up to date with these change and google bot algorithm updates is crucial, otherwise there are the risk of decreased search traffic for their websites. In this article, we want to share all you should know about latest google search results page changes.

Recently, Google has started showing recommended search terms based on a person’s recent search behavior. The recommendations may appear as a link under the search bar, italicized and bolded with the modifying term. These tailored recommendations, first reported by the Android Police, are deemed very helpful to a lot of people. Android Police, founded in 2009, is a very well-respected website devoted to everything in the Android search

How it’s working

Google is now remembering the search history while showing the recommended items. For instance, if you first look up “Google home” and then search for “noise-canceling headphones,” Google would merge these two searches, which may yield the recommended results of “noise-canceling headphones featuring Google’s assistant.”

If you click on the recommendation, you will be taken to the results of the search for that specific query.

It appears from most accounts that you need to log in to your Google account to start receiving these more personalized and relevant search suggestions. You can replicate the search sequence in just one session when logged in. If you sign out of your Google account or search in incognito mode while searching Chrome, no recommendations will be made.

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Suggestions for Search Intent

Search recommendations also will appear outside the context of e-commerce. Examples involve:

  • When you search for “Search Engine News,” you will receive a suggestion for “Google Search Engine.”
  • The search for “streaming platforms” could provide a recommendation for “Disney streaming.”

There are circumstances in which specific recommendations are much more beneficial than others. When you search for “post office” if you searched for a city or place before, such as “Cleveland,” Google may recommend “post office Cleveland” or perhaps even “post office restaurant.” That is because there might be restaurant outlets with the word “post office” in their names when travelling from your place.

Why is this important?

Personalized search recommendations will help you find what you are searching for and even help to affect decisions by exposing them to choices that you may not have considered otherwise. Similar options are provided, like “related searches,” and the “people also ask” segment, that has been around for a while. The positioning of these new search recommendations at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results page) helps make it more visible and indicates that Google perceives it to be a better choice or to assist test user engagement.

It is not known whether Google’s “recent actions” are used to produce recommendations outside the search background.

In 2019, Google began to make personalised recommendations to the Google Shopping hub based on a person’s search and shopping background. This is an important factor to take into consideration when improving SEO of pages, as the keywords used will have an effect when something appears in the recommended products or listings segment.

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Gaining real estate here will help boost visibility and click through rate (CTR). Your CTR is a phrase used to define the amount of clicks you receive on the Google Search Engine Results page.


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