Videos has always been on the favorite type of content for audiences. With that in mind, video marketing can be a great asset for all businesses. Making videos is one of the best ways to engage with your customer on different platforms. A lot of businesses use video marketing to make their users buy their products or services. In this article on Niorise, we will tell everything you need to know about video marketing for small businesses.

With growing internet access, companies opt for video to connect with both new and existing consumers in their decision-making procedures. Businesses are following the trend searching for video to help collect value from their audiences, and potentially the competition. Video marketing could be both humorous and satisfying.

Video Growth

The new global projection suggests that, in 2021, the average user will watch online videos for around 100 minutes a day. In reality, 88 percent of them state that video marketing presents them with a strong ROI in a marketers’ survey. In addition, 92 per cent of marketers say that video is an essential part of a marketing campaign. With 75 million Americans viewing viral videos each day, video marketing presents advertisers with attractive ways to capitalize on the increase of online video interest.

The best part is there isn’t anything you need to get going. You can also make amazing videos for your company using a professional camera or a strong smartphone. Your marketing video could be used on your website or on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; the sky is actually the limit. A caution here is that it takes a bit of a learning process to produce a good marketing video. Second, you might need to have the right amount of knowledge and software to have a positive contribution from your video marketing campaign.

If people like your videos or share it as it hits social media networks it will go viral. These endorsements do have potential to expand your scope ever further. The viewer is far more likely to interpret it, like it, or share it when the data comes from anyone they trust. For this purpose, in addition to email marketing and social media outreach, many organizations use video in their marketing campaigns for better performance. But it can be quite tech-heavy to develop video content for web consumption. It’s not difficult to do, though, until you understand the fundamentals. In this tutorial, we’re going to break down what you need to get underway.

What is Video Marketing?

Marketing is a critical aspect of a firm’s overall growth. Marketing includes all processes required in tailoring your products, communications, promotions, sales, customer service, as well as many other business practices to fulfill the needs of your most valuable business resource, which is your client.

video marketing

In today’s digital world, there are several ways you can advertise your business. You have choices, whether it be social media, email or even video marketing. Video marketing is a fast and powerful way to advertise your services and products. Unlike video ads intended to generate interest and boost revenue, video marketing content attempts to engage higher with the consumers. Video marketing will help enhance your digital presence, cultivate brand recognition, cultivate interest and create trust. Video ads is a sub-set of video marketing that allows corporations to create revenue for their services or products.

Videos have emerged appealing by their nature, attracting the audience and catching their attention. Let’s admit it, we are getting more and more visually focused and great presentation and content will go a long way towards your brand. A video can quickly go viral in today’s era of social media and mobile devices and can help improve your brand awareness. Going viral will mean your videos would get responses and get shared regularly.

Through this level of engagement, you might create follow-ups on a certain topic relevant to your company, social cause, product, service or promotion. Subsequent views, likes, and shares from your online / social follow-up will help boost prestige and endorsements. The use of content that triggers discussion and reviews is more likely to be discussed by a broader audience.

If your consumers can’t really find the content that makes your service easy to use and appreciate, they will most likely check out your competitors elsewhere. It would mean that you have lost the chance to inspire them or even get their interest in certain situations. This is where a good content plan for the video marketing come into play.

Different Uses of Video in Marketing

Video marketing together with email and social media is one part of content marketing. Here video content is being used as an important multimedia storytelling medium. This has three outstanding benefits. You can relay your message with a video, strengthen your brand and as a medium have a greater effect on your viewers. Video is consistently dynamic and aims to impress, amuse, and educate. Regardless of the attention span of the intended audience, whether it’s 6 seconds of a vine or a 15-minute course, they are rather influential. In addition, a video could be shared throughout channels, whether it’s on your page, mobile devices or social media networks.

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Video Helps Make Connections Easily

Video content can be amusing, informative, encouraging, inspirational or heart-warming. They can be private, draw attention quickly, and connect with viewers rather than other content. Video will help bring a face to a brand and encourage a viewer to see your brand and promotions sincerely.

People want to buy from people. If they trust you it incredibly increases the chances of them buying from you. Videos are becoming the favorite form of content for customers to see from a business on social media. By 2023 North America will have about 345 million Internet users and 329 million smartphone users. As such, customers still demand more video content to be shown. In this era of connectivity, 92% of smartphone video users share content with others. This is also another persuasive reason for launching the company’s video marketing plan.

Video Makes Selling More Easier

Videos are processed instantly, and they can grab the attention of people almost as fast. This is good at helping making brand awareness come along. To convey messages, they combine visual and auditory content. Except for plain text visual content, our brains have much better preservation of the information in a video.

Research suggests that there is much to be learned from video marketing like sales growth and lead generation. Around 71 percent of B2B marketers and 66 percent of B2C marketers use video for promoting their content. A video that combines text, audio, and images makes it the best medium to express persuasive content. They can engage users on your website for extended periods of time. They’re still a perfect way to boost your email subscriptions and social media marketing

To be a medium that catches attention, video brings audiences to action. If you have a call to action or offer a deal, it can lead to improved customer retention or even sales.

Promote your company

With video, you will advertise your services or products and raise your conversion rates from prospective consumers to purchasing clients. You should make videos to provide your company with an informative history for potential customers and also let them use your services. You should make a product video to demonstrate the characteristics of your products and to draw and keep consumers. The channels for your videos are very different. You can use your  videos on your social media channels, which include YouTube, Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn and many other internet platforms, such as Google.

Increase the traffic

You may use videos from your social media network or email marketing to push traffic to your site. Product reviews, video advertisements, or video tutorials from other channels can guide visitors to your website to boost the amount of visitors to your site. In addition, the videos on social media platforms will help ensure that you reach out to new clients who might not be aware of you on the Internet.

Effective marketing comes with successful videos, which is a perfect way to maximize your outreach. Video lets you submit your message, enhance your brand, and have a greater effect on your viewers. Another clear explanation why video content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies is its accessibility.

Here are some of the popular forms of marketing videos that you can utilize for your outreach.

Customer’s Testimonial Videos

Customers may be excellent ambassadors for the brand, service or product. If you can locate an existing client ready to go to the video, get them in your video by all means. They will leave a major impression on those consumers that are on the edge and better illustrate the complexities of the service or product from the perspective of the buyer or the client.

Let clients use their own language for better results, but ask them to be precise. Potential consumers may not be as persuaded by your point of view, but if a fellow consumer whom they can relate to suggests your services, their doubt may go down.

How-To Videos

Often known as educational videos, guides or Do It Yourself (DIY), they help audiences find answers to a specific challenge they might be facing. They’re a perfect way to help audiences move through the process step by step.

Generally, these videos help people answer questions and show them how to do anything they didn’t know how to do. As per Google, how-to-video attracts the most attention from each type of content on YouTube; far beyond music videos or games. In reality, more than 7 out of 10 viewers out of 2 billion active YouTube users every month are using YouTube to resolve issues. It’s also a good way to use your video content to assist others.

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Demo videos

Demo video is a perfect way to highlight the strengths of a service or product and they perform perfectly with marketing strategies. To further improve your message, you can even add animations, photos, and infographics to make the viewer feel better about your product. A demo video is basically a walk-through of the offering as much as you will when a client drops to the store or workplace. Eight out of ten people bought a piece of software or an application after seeing a brand video.

Product Review Videos

The aim of a product review video is to give a specific product or service a benefit over the competitor’s offering. By first demonstrating the advantages of your service or product, you can cause customers get a better idea of what they’re signing up for when they chose you.

bulding videos
Close up of a businessman vlogging at casual office.

Product reviews are great at presenting details on the aspects of the service or product. This lets consumers get one step closer to making a purchase. The video review is also a perfect method for creating trust with audiences.

Webinar Videos

A webinar is an online event whereby speakers give lectures, instructional series or conferences to the public. Participants also communicate with speakers by asking questions, reacting to surveys and other interactions. It’s another form of video content to reach users as they provide opportunities for engagement and input from viewers.

Webinar video can also have infographics, images, videos and other interactive resources to add to the experience. An advantage of the webinar is that audiences from around the world can access and engage in the event. This implies more ways to interact with the products from a different client base.

Explainer Videos

An explanation video is identical to a demo video, but emphasizes on how the service or product delivers solutions to consumers. It helps to break down the extremely complicated definitions of a specific offering. The goal is to convey the specific qualities of a given product in the shortest time possible. Think of it as a video guide that lets consumers work through the complexity of the product and the improvements that comes with it.

It’s a perfect way to communicate with consumers, as this form of video aims to resolve problems that end-users can experience when using the specific product.

Podcast Videos

Podcasts encourage people to share their talent, initiative, or simply share their interests with a wide audience. Promoted by the popularity of YouTube and other social media networks, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Podcasts come in both audio and video types. It’s like blogging with videos.

The styles are either a single speaker or in the form of a Q&A and a discussion with the participants. The content can be streamed online or made available for download at a later stage. Whatever its format, podcast videos are a rather common way to share content marketing information.

This kinds of videos help highlight the company’s human resources and methodologies by providing information that the future clients could use. As a content marketing technique, it will facilitate a growth in subscriptions and have good opportunities to sell ads.

Ad Videos

It is perhaps the first use of video marketing. Ad videos often referred to as brand videos are part of the marketing campaign. They are built to remind consumers about the advantages and benefits of your service or product. These videos can be viewed on YouTube as commercials. You may also advertise a video that you have created to serve as a type of professional marketing

The long-term goal of ads is to convince the customer to see your company in positive light and to continue to buy your goods or services. Other uses of advertising videos could include increasing sales; announcement of exclusive deals such as discounts; greater brand recognition for the company and others.

Interview Videos

This types of videos place one or two people at the forefront at which they respond to questions. The interviewee may be your CEO, your workers, your partner, your vendors, your client or perhaps an influencer. They may also be used for blog posts, or as part of a podcast collection, for educational purposes.

The person must have a message or other specific viewpoints which may be of value to the attendees. Often the interview video is followed by a transcript of the interview so that viewers can read and also watch. YouTube produces a transcript instantly, but often loosely. This sort of video is useful for expressing the values of your business and for showing its unity with the society or initiatives.

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Training Videos

They are often synonymously used as instructional videos to better develop the user’s expertise for a given product. To connect the teacher with the customer, these videos will use footage of actual people. The video will be a step-by – step guide on how the item they bought should be used or optimized.

You will film a quick screencast demonstrating you completing the task and clarifying the procedure if you wish to make your own training video. Tools such as Mango Apps Techsmith, Loom, and TinyTake are perfect for this purpose. While also used for internal training needs, it can also be used to show thought leadership for the audiences as part of content marketing.

Animated Videos

Simply illustrated animated videos use pictures that are designed to look moving to give the viewers a message. This videos could be a nice way to promote your brand or highlight the services you offer. They don’t really require you to scout your location or think about your composition or lightning. However you would need a great animation builder software first to make your animation video. A dubbed voice can be added to your animation videos to further improve your video. Animated videos of animation can be as brief as 30 seconds or longer. The design relies on the message that you want your viewers to consume.

Top 10 Videos

List videos are very common on YouTube as they assist to rank those in the list according to their performance. This is perfect for marketers as they give audiences insightful and funny choices from a list of possible candidates. The top ten list videos is used by BuzzFeed, Watchmojo and many others like it to build their own niche markets and garner audiences, and a dedicated subscription base.

The layout is simple. You only have to prepare a new list of the best in every segment that comes to mind audiences may be involved in. Your reputation depends on the ability to select the best content or subject that will gain the audience’s attention. You would still need to research reputable sources to be able to express your own views about what is trending.

Recipe Videos

For food blogs, cooking sites and health websites, these types of videos are perfect. We all wanted to make the special dish, but sometimes couldn’t get the recipe. Let’s admit it. Why not tap into this popular video segment by having users break down recipes in a manner that seems quick to do from beginning to end. With less fanfare, and even without music, you can make some good videos. You may only quickly display a recipe being put together, often with subtitles, but not always. The Food Network is a treasure chest of recipes that everyone should try that are simple to produce. In order to search the imaginable recipe, Google, Facebook as well as other online platforms are also excellent resources.

Videos from Pictures

There are simple videos that are almost like slideshows. As a narrative, they are followed by photographs, text and sound and don’t need one that is a good video editor. They are perfect for shoestring production. With a basic video editor, you can build these videos, and use stock video footage or pictures. You can re-use images and videos that can save your time and money. Again, perfect sources for photos are Facebook and Google.

Live Videos

Develop a live video if you wish to engage with the viewers in real-time. This is a successful video marketing strategy choice for consumers pursuing a product launch. Anything from a trade fair, unveiling event, social gathering, business office Christmas party, declaration of raffle winners or any activity that may be of general interest will be part of a live stream in which the viewers will take part. This videos will help take the audience in the activities behind the scenes, or something else that consumers do not normally encounter. These videos can be streamed online or with highlights of key event moments.

video marketing

Personal Message Video

Such videos are perfect for highlighting the business’s human side. They’re perfect for showcasing the company’s collective spirit, sense of humor and culture. You may use them to send messages of appreciation to clients, to monitor trends, or to wish clients a happy holiday.

Such kind of video should provide important information and specifics for your client. You need to integrate any or more of the following into your customized business messaging video: build awareness; ignite interests; and inspire desire and action.

A basic personalization may only provide a video message answering the consumer desire or pressure point. A well-made video with personal communications will help boost sales conversions, create confidence and generate leads.


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