Since the start of 2020 until today a lot has changed in the world, all those marketing strategies that were developed in the early days of 2020 are no longer useful today and probably you’ve already altered those plans and strategies already. In other words, to match the new environment brought by Covid-19, you have to revamp your marketing campaigns.

The biggest transition that has happened in the business environment over the last six months is, of course, the turn away from experience – based marketing as the industry went indoors to stop COVID-19. Instead, as a focus more companies shift to community-building. This allows more interactive advertising to communicate with members of the public, who spend a lot of time at home than online.

Pursuing a global marketing campaign that reaches consumers where they are, is more essential now than ever. It’s not time to keep on track for whatever marketing strategy you’ve developed for the fourth quarter of 2019. The expectations and preferences of customers have changed radically, and this can change the actions with them.

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If you wish to reach the audience of your business as the COVID-19 outbreak progresses, you must quickly accept the advantages of interactive marketing, and introduce those tactics. Do you need a kick start? Check in the three tactics below.

  1. Using video to communicate with each of the audiences.

It may sound like a no-brainer to use video to reach customers, but adding more videos to the marketing campaigns takes some creativity. “YouTube is appealing because you can crack certain conventional marketing guidelines and make unique, personalized videos customized to all your customers,” says Nayani Vive, Regional Business Development Vice President at RAPP Marketing and Advertising firm.

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Vive recommends monitoring videos to decide what kind of content will interrupt mid-scrolling the users, whether it’s fun like a parody music video or serious like just a full brand story. “It’s important to adapt your video activities to the channel and audience by keeping up-to – date on interaction patterns in content marketing campaigns,” Vive notes.

  1. Encourage user generated content.

Contests or competitions in which members of the community share photos, feedback, and other content — which is also known as user generated content, or UGC — could be a perfect way to publicly engage with users and keep the brand in mind. Focus on your campaign target. Would you want to develop your community, or would you like people to take some action, like making a purchase or contributing to a cause? The response to that question will direct the kind of campaign that you are running.

Look no farther than the FedEx and Coca-Cola to get evidence of active UGC-based campaigns. For youngsters, FedEx carried out an “Innovation Challenge,” encouraging them to solve science and math puzzles, share pictures as they finished scavenger hunts, and answer frivolous questions, all with the goal of teaching them STEM skills. And Coca-Cola asked its global community members to submit images that the company could use to create a mosaic flag to launch at FIFA World Cup. Both methods demonstrate that if you appeal to the needs and values of your audience with your calls – to – action, they would continue to play on.

  1. Host virtual campaigns

Were your activations, meetings or conferences cancelled for this year? That doesn’t mean that you can’t host an event — it just has to transfer into a virtual setup. Hosting a virtual event has wide ranging advantages. No matter where they live, you should invite as many guests as you want, and that goes for both visitors and members of the audience. And apart from any costs related to your choice of video or streaming site, you won’t have to think about renting a venue, providing food, or incurring any other expenses involved with a typical in-person event.

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Rather, concentrate your energies on the quality of your virtual event’s output. Instead of merely arranging a video meeting with your choice of teleconference software, make it sound like a live event with branded environments, high quality audio and video and plenty of engaging features to keep the crowd involved. Make sure that the panelists or hosts have a lot of time to practice for the show, much as you’d do for a gig in person. Know that there is an array of distractions at home for attendees, so the experience has to be lively and engaging to keep them interested.

While several retailers around the globe are starting to open the doors to the world and customers are moving back to their beloved brick-and – mortar stores, some are willing to wait a few more months to change their habits. For companies, this ensures that the heightened value of interactive marketing campaigns will not fizzle out across the summer or even into fall. Digital campaigns would be crucial for the near future — and with these tactics in the toolkit, you will continue to interact with your customers practically all of the time.


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