There is no denying that we, humans are very inventive and resourceful, and if you have any doubts about this facts you should just take a look at odd and surprising business pivots that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. To give you an instance, recently I’ve heard about someone who managed to build some protective masks from old things and give them to people in need.

There are signs of optimism during the current crisis. From a business viewpoint, I ‘m impressed at some of the corporations who have been pivoting to assist in this great time of need. A doomsayer would imply that these pivots should hold sales up — as if that were a negative thing. My opinion is that each of these pivots have been very remarkable given that none of them really match the previous business model. People operate and they help. That is really motivating.

Here are some of the weirdest and most surprising pivots I’ve come across.

  1. A furniture shop makes protective equipment

Transformations Furniture has pivoted from making furniture to making personal protective gear. In particular, they make Personal Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) helmets — roughly 2,000 of them daily.buiness pivots in covid-19 pandemic

  1. A laundry company pivoted to support the elderly

The original aim of Washbnb was to be a business that helps those operating an AirBnB wash and fold their laundry. They have been providing laundry facilities to elderly and immunocompromised individuals as soon as possible instead.

  1. An application to auto-assess symptoms

I like what the sepsis research and monitoring company Luminare is doing in the era of coronavirus. They also created an application to help every patient do a self-assessment. Up until now it operates in three states.

  1. Use an entire Kmart to disinfect masks

Again, a real estate corporation isn’t the first company I’d suspect to take on N95 disinfection masks, but that’s just what Federal Realty is now doing. They turned an old Kmart into a mask disinfecting facility.

  1. Use 3D printers to produce plastic face shields

I ‘m fascinated with a bike apparel business called Kitsbow that produces plastic masks using 3D printers. They are making masks, too.

  1. Full pivot to build respirator masks

Acme Mills is a business headquartered in Michigan which normally produces car parts and textiles. They have completely pivoted to making KN 95S respirator masks, already supplying 90,000 of them to neighboring Beaumont Hospital.

  1. Donating food to help the poor

A pivot is so weird sometimes it might only become the everyday business. Ani Ramen House has chosen to pivot by selling pizza and chicken which they sell via a window to clients. When a customer purchases a meal they donate one to someone in need.

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