Managing ecommerce companies are difficult and when the products that you sell and ship are live bees, your task will surely be much tougher. Of the most important things in managing such businesses team communications and order tracking are definitely the biggest challenges. In this article we want to take a look at Crown Bees, the company which aims to balance food production by integrating nature and technology together.

Crown Bees understands such challenges quite well. The firm was operating most of its activities utilizing unorganized spreadsheets a year ago. But they discovered a system that combines all their tasks into one dashboard. This helps them save more time, support clients better, and strive to fulfill their eco-friendly goal. Stay tuned to find out more about Crown Bees and how this common business problem has been addressed below.

What the Company Does

Sells good hole-nesting bees and a selection of bee-raising materials to ensure customer profitability along with good customer service and educational initiatives

Live mason and leafcutter bees, tools, machinery, and bee houses are also included in their online shop.

Business Niche

Making connections between nature and people by teaching clients about safe methods for bee-raising and pollination

For far more than a decade, Crown Bees has been a part of the market and is committed to helping clients thrive. They have research-based educational services, in addition to their services and products, in order to help their clients become good beekeepers. Inevitably, Crown Bees aims to fulfill its vision of living in a world in which more plants and food are created by natural pollination through solitary bees in harmony with nature.

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How the Company Started

To have an environmentally sustainable alternative to improve the production of food.


Back in 2009, founder Dave Hunter founded the business. He decided to help create a world where food production automatically keeps up with population growth. Troubled by the ongoing decline of honeybees, he studied the need for pollination to be diversified. And gradually, more individuals started to understand in their own backyards the influence they might have on the ecosystem.

The industry was actually created by Crown Bees. So they’re known as experts in beekeeping equipment and education.

The Biggest Win

Working on their goal.

Crown Bees help gardeners grow thousands and thousands of solitary bees each year. This helps them to increase the number of bees, contributing eventually to even more pollination and much more food.

Greatest Challenge

The organization of data.

Crown Bees are used to monitor consumer data using G-Suite and large spreadsheets. However this left the business with some difficulties with communications. They never realized who was updating which documents. And this has resulted in lost time and lack of precision.

“When working with live creatures, transparency, timeliness, and reliable data are key,” said Karl Alexander, marketing manager of Crown Bees.

Lessons Learned

Incorporate tools on one platform.

Since monitoring order fulfillment is particularly critical when working with live bees, by changing strategies, Alexander decided to increase precision. He started searching for a platform that combined several features rather than focusing on large spreadsheets.

He ended up pursuing a solution with a popular service named Zoho.

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Crown Bees have been using Zoho Projects recently. Although they were unaware that Zoho One could suit so many other tasks.Beekeeping

Alexander says, “I concentrated on searching for streamlined resources and I truly didn’t realize I’d find any of them in one place before I looked at Zoho.”

When Zoho One was introduced, they began to see progress within a month. To simplify their marketing, delivery, and customer support, the company uses Analytics, CRM, MarketingHub, Campaigns, and Desk extensively. Multiple other tools such as WorkDrive, Cliq, Projects, and Forms are also used.

Alexander adds, “Because everything is now structured and organized, making an enormous change in efficient business processes, our productivity has dramatically improved.”

Goals for the Future

Growing their wholesale business.

In recent years, the wholesale portion of Crown Bees’ site has almost doubled in sales. They are also discussing monthly subscriptions models where bees can effectively be rented by clients.

The organization and automation that they experience with Zoho One makes all of this simpler.

We particularly enjoy working with Zoho because they’re always creative, “says Alexander,” it almost seems like Zoho understands what our company wants before even we do and this has changed how we do our business.


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