In today’s digital world, there are lots of business that do all their advertisings on web. However there are some business owners who go for billboard advertising. If this is the first time that you are considering billboard ads as a new marketing channel for your business, and have questions about like can you bring any traffic to your company via billboards, stay tuned because in this article of Niorise we will share all the things you need to know about billboard advertising for your company.

These days we live in a new era of modern branding and web presence, and the future looks a bit different than what it was before. Yet outdoor billboard advertising also has a strong presence in the business promotion discussion.

So let’s find out if using billboards is a good idea for your business or not!

Do Outdoor Ads Work?

The simple answer to the question is: yes, of course it works. The only reason why billboards still remain in this era of digital ads is that they have a tangible effect on sales. The advantages are obvious, combined with the basic average billboard advertising breakdown of costs.

So what is it in this form that ensures the effectiveness and success of billboard advertising?

Some Statistics on Billboard Advertising

It begins with the one element that everyone know about billboard ads: they talk to a target audience. Up to 9 hours per week Americans spend time behind the wheel of their car. That’s a lot of time and hundreds of chances to bring your company in front of these eyes.

A survey of Arbitron Outdoor Advertising asked the public about what they knew from billboard ads—”On a highway billboard, have you ever…”

Billboard Advertising research

It seems like a lot of people not just recognize billboard advertisements, but also they remember what they saw on those billboards and even take down a phone number!

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As a method of advertisement, it also is statistically proven to be extremely successful. Upwards of 70 % of Americans look at the billboard ads they see on the highway or pay attention to them, making it a robust reservoir to cast your nets in. Once the billboard is up and noticeable, there’s a fair chance that the person seeing it will get to their destinations and take action. Provided you’re strategically doing it.

Ensure the content, with basic graphics, short catch phrases, and lightning-fast branding, is simple to digest at a glance. This is a blueprint for success on billboards.

What businesses profit from ads on Billboards the most?

Not every organization, of course, is absolutely fitted, one way or another, to a billboard ad. This is not a subtle contradiction to them, but this type of marketing is best applicable to companies that follow those standards. For starters, brands that are looking for local business ads do very well with billboards. That’s because in their ads they will mention local landmarks, major activities or even directions.McDonalds Billboard Advertising

Companies with a well-established name still benefit from this, when their marketing has just had an opportunity to sink in. As long as they set their colors, slogan, slogan or other front and center markings, the drivers will recognize, at a glimpse, what they’re referring to.

Of course, on a billboard, an organization with a brief message might still do well, but their slogan has to be finely tailored and prepared to make a fast impression. “Register now,” with company logo and some colors of the company, and then that’s it. If you require more than 10 seconds to illustrate the concept to everybody else, it won’t do as good on a billboard.

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Finally, it could go without mentioning, but with billboards, car dealers always have and always will achieve success. In addition to the entertainment venues, guitar stores, galleries, shooting ranges and legal firms are coming up with major acts. These are easy ideas with wider appeal, making them perfect for billboard advertising.

Content Tips for Billboard Advertising

So you made a billboard investment, but you really don’t know what to put on or how to style it. You should not be scared. For greater results, here are some guidelines to follow:

Your Target Audience

Make getting into the mind of your customers an important part of you billboard’s designing process. Customizing the audience and the experience of them helps guide design and ad placement of your billboard.

Fight with Boredom

Your audience wants fun on your billboards. Stimulate their creativity, even if for a few moments, and you’re going to build a personal bond that’s hard to beat.


Assessing the scale of your image, text, and branding is one of the most challenging aspects of billboard advertising development. Many billboards are seen from more than 150 meters away, therefore text must be at least half a meter tall, with expanded distance between characters, words and lines.

Billboard Advertising

Getting to the Point

Passing motorists really don’t have the patience for complex imagery and long texts. Keep the text under 8 words, place your brand in a prominent place, and select your pictures wisely. Your idea needs to be spoken plainly and rapidly, otherwise it will not work.


Everyone loves a cool, appealing font, but it is almost always helpful to make it simpler. Select clean line fonts, lightweight serifs, and big, simple designs. It is necessary to read these from a distance, so take that into consideration.

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Feel Responsible about Your Design

You’re showing ads to drivers, and their attention must be on the road, no matter how smart you believe you are. Keep your photos PG-rated, avoid using offensive language or curse words, and keep clean.

Bust or High Resolution

If there will be one aspect you can’t take any shortcuts, it’s a decent quality picture for your advertisement. On billboards, fuzzy, low-res images do not show well, so look for a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch.Billboard ads

Include your contact info

You’d be shocked to know how many billboard advertising businesses have neglected to provide contact information on their billboards. Incorporate your company phone number, email address, website URL or even your username on Twitter. Offer people someone to go to your incredible ad to praise you!

How long should a billboard Up and Running?

The total period of time would be between 4 and 8 weeks when it comes to billboard advertising campaigns. For this figure, there is a realistic reason: this is the average length of time that the billboard itself could be left in the elements outside and still look fine.

You might want to advertise for a longer time, but you’ll want to suggest replacing the billboard after 8 weeks with a new similar one at that point.

Billboard Ads: Decision Time

Even though newer digital alternatives have now become the standard, billboard advertising is a classic form of paid ads still used in mainstream marketing. It’s a bigger-than-life way to bring the name of your business in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes, each day, and it’s successful in heavy traffic areas with congestion.


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