If you are a business owner, or just interested in marketing the chances that you’ve heard about social selling is very high. For starters, social selling is one of the rather newer sales methods that can increase your sales. In today’s article of Niorise, we will discuss all the things you should know about this. One thing to note is that social selling is not the same like social media marketing.

Instead, social selling is a form of sales where sales staff use social media to bring more people to the sales funnel and connect with prospects directly. It will vastly improve your sales strategies, allow improved leads generation and even prevent cold calling. Sales representatives will laser-target prospects using the force of social selling and create actual connections.

Why does social selling matters?

There are solid figures that show to the sales staff what social selling is capable of. Sales staff using social selling strategies had 45% more revenue potential, were 51 percent more likely to meet their sales targets, and outsold 78 percent of their rivals, as per an internal LinkedIn study. A research on social selling was also conducted by CSO Insights, which provided insightful findings. 70% of B2B experts reported utilizing social media for lead generation in their study, 65% used it for account study, 60% used it for call preparation and 59% utilized it for communication and stakeholder research.

These figures illustrate how salespeople will create partnerships with their prospects using social media, which leads to introductions and openings. As a matter of fact, the IDC found that in making their buying decisions, 75% of B2B customers and 84% of C-level / VP executives use social media.Social selling b2b

The social selling framework

There are five major elements of the social selling process to concentrate on, as per Mike Montague of Sandler Training.


Contact the individuals making the buying decisions for their firms. Social networking searches can be used by sales staff to locate these people. LinkedIn, for instance, helps you to look for individuals through work title, seniority rank and job role.

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To contact individuals, use the right channel. Many social networks and channels are available to choose from, but some of them are more fitting than others. It may be acceptable to reach people via Instagram via direct messages if you are searching for customers for your fitness-training center. However, you most definitely want to communicate with people through LinkedIn, that is the most qualified social media network if you are attempting to offer B2B tech services.


Your communications should be interesting and meaningful in order to establish relationships with potential customers. Consider the following questions prior to posting content. What kind of content is going to be of interest to my potential customers? What would get a potential buyer’s attention? What will I share to prove my reputation with my potential clients?


The timing of the communications can be almost as significant as the message itself. You would like to be in touch with customers because they have reasons to be interested in your services and products.


Eventually, there’s the ask. Although social media is a wonderful way to create relationships and prospects, it is crucial not to inundate the potential clients with information. If you’re always giving people calls for action or sales offers, you’re less likely to be successful. Rather, start building up your relations and then sell them after you’ve formed a relationship.

How to develop your LinkedIn presence

The simplest way to begin with social selling is to make sure that your LinkedIn page is accurate and complete. Just go to your profile page and finish all the sections or modify them. With a profile picture and header photo, headline, description, experiences, talents, endorsements and interests, you want to have a great profile. If you have already done one of these fields, do a fast check to make sure that all the material is valid to up to date.

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The opportunity to add multimedia to your experience segment is one feature of the LinkedIn profile that very few users take full advantage of. A perfect way to enhance your profile is to add case studies, white papers or other documents from your career that illustrate you as a leader.

Social selling linkedin

One aspect of the LinkedIn profile that few people take advantage of is the ability to attach multimedia to your experiences section. Adding white papers, case studies or other materials from your work that highlight you as a leader is a great way to polish your profile.

Fortunately for you, LinkedIn also has a system in place to assist you become a much more successful social seller dubbed the LinkedIn Social Selling Index or (SSI). If you’ve already registered for LinkedIn, you can use this free service at this link.

LinkedIn SSI Score is a valuable metric to help you find out how good your profile is designed for social selling. The score is centered on four of the following elements.

Develop your own personal brand

This aspect is focused on how well you’ve built your profile. Both parts of your profile will be filled in with comprehensive information, such as your profile photo, headline, description and experience. Establishing your own identity also involves sharing content and engaging with content posted by others with comments and likes. In the end, you will obtain endorsements from your coworkers. If you support their expertise or post a text endorsement on their page, they are likely to give the favor back.

Find the best people out there

Make sure that you reach decision-makers using the advanced search tools of LinkedIn, that are included on the Sales Navigator platform. Often, link to second-degree connections (individuals you’re not linked to and they are linked to one of your connections). Eventually, LinkedIn shows you who’s been reading your profile page. Use it to your benefit by talking to them.

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Engage with insights

This measure is centered on the content you post and share. A simple way to raise this number is to share the relevant tools and resources on your feed to support yourself as a credible source of knowledge. Next, tap LinkedIn Pulse to find related articles and blogs, and then use Sales Navigator to watch news about your potential customers so that you can post updates about the content they share. At the end of the day, ensure you don’t send the same messages to everyone; tailor the messages depending on the profile of your potential client and the information that is important to them.Social selling

Create relationships

This part may be the most critical – it is still one of the simplest to enhance. You’re only communicating with others to expand the reach of the network. Emphasis on developing partnerships with senior decision-makers. Connecting with your peers internally also will help to boost this ranking, thanks to LinkedIn’s TeamLink. This option enables you to see if all of your coworkers are related to your leads so that you can have an introduction. Last but not least, don’t overlook people once you’ve linked with them. Get people with important knowledge at the right time to build a friendship. A quick “congratulations” or “how are things going?” keeps you at the top of their mind.

While LinkedIn’s SSI Score is a good tool for you to have, you shouldn’t depend on it, since getting a great score won’t always make you a good social seller. Any of the score elements can be falsely improved by likes, link requests, feedback and messages. Social selling is a condition in which it is necessary to rely on consistency over quantities. Focus on delivering quality information, creating quality partnerships and developing good relationships.


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