This year with the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic, we saw much more people to social media platforms so they can engage with more content and get entertained during the lockdowns. YouTube, as one of the biggest social media platforms out there is no different. Year after year, viewing time on YouTube and soared a staggering 80 percent, underlining the accelerating change from traditional to digital content, and more than 2 billion people are leaning towards these new formats globally. In this article we will tell you everything you should know about YouTube Advertising.

When we continue to spend much of our time at home, marketers make the most out of the massive reach of YouTube and profoundly meaningful content to create brand awareness and eventually drive outcomes on a scale. The platform adds some noteworthy elements to help advertisers and marketers further improve their YouTube ad strategies in reaction to this trend, including deep data analytics and new category strategies to help them appear in the best ways for today’s customers.

Here’s a look at the updates and also how you can get to use them to boost your efforts.


In conjunction with Ipsos, a recent analysis by YouTube holding company Google revealed that video ads focused on user curiosity and intent has a substantially greater effect than demo, with a 32 percent better ad recall raise and a 100 percent higher purchasing intent raise.YouTube ads

YouTube is launching dynamic lineups driven by sophisticated personalized targeting to help achieve greater potential to push mass penetration. In other words, videos are segmented according to their content, with machine learning algorithms created to best decide what each video is about and how to feed it at the right time to the right people. This is focused on the study of the main elements of video, speech, sound and text imagery.

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You will see more complex options such as “home and garden” and “home renovation” in addition to addressing wider categories like “home” or “lifestyle” or lifestyle. What this ensures is “great access to consumers with particular preferences and desires, all with the most critical brand suitability controls for your company,” says Debbie Weinstein, Vice President of YouTube and Vide. More precisely, the opportunity to communicate regularly with the right audience groups that are receptive and attentive and have to pay less to access them is what this evolves into. It sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Marketing Officer at OMD, an early adopter of dynamic lineups, says, “Using lineups driven by sophisticated contextual targeting offers a more meaningful and empathetic perception of audiences.” As part of a wider initiative that leverages viewers and other strategies through YouTube, this in turn helps to drive more meaningful reach and efficiency gains for our consumers.


Last year, YouTube announced the integration of Nielsen TV data with its Reach Planner with the aim of helping advertisers draw on their YouTube exposure campaigns and a wider view of important viewer patterns. Results found that, on average, advertisers who moved just 20 percent of investment from TV to YouTube created a 25 percent rise in the overall campaign reach inside their target demographic, decreasing the cost per reach level by almost 20 percent throughout 21 conducted Share Shift surveys.

YouTube is increasing its Nielsen Total Ad Ratings for brands in the United Kingdom and Italy, in addition to the United States, as part of its latest drive to enable marketers to tap into the growth in YouTube viewership, with initial attempts already seeing positive results.

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To push scale and broaden the scope of Pepsi’s ‘Gift it Forward’ holiday promotion, PepsiCo Beverages switched to YouTube. This campaign did not disappoint: during holiday season, YouTube advertising attracted new brand customers to the unique demographic they needed to target.

YouTube Advertising

Video reach campaigns are a better way to purchase successful reach through ad platforms and at a more optimal pace to reach the correct viewers steadily. Marion Carpentier, Omni Business Chief of the French men’s brand, Jules, clarified how the business was able to do this by merged skippable stream advertisements and bumpers with one promotion, and that it was able to see higher brand awareness lifts (4.9 percent).

In addition, YouTube offers new scope planning opportunities inside Display & Video 360, including YouTube, auction, and programmatic offers, to help advertisers trying to schedule YouTube with other online video partners.


YouTube adsUltimately, YouTube is launching a fresh awareness collection inside its Advertising Solutions Center to help advertisers as they tackle a post-COVID period, showcasing noteworthy developments and case studies from businesses like PepsiCo, Domino’s, and Jules. The purpose behind showcasing such stories is to have a more detailed view of the product inventions of YouTube and how they’re being designed to help fulfill your goals of visibility.

If the pandemic has proved something, it’s that over time, YouTube advertising behaves more like conventional TV. Many who appreciate the platform’s complexities as an option would be able to offer TV-like ads with a larger degree of targeting, but without trying to derail their marketing budget plans.

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