In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Dutch company Winkelvrij has recently developed an application that is a perfect and safe solution for customer reservations in the hospitality industry.

“The platform for the app is called” Winkelvrij. Available for use on the Winkelvrij website as a free solution for any company. For the hospitality industry, among others, it is a perfect solution. No more inconvenient paper reservation lists, but customers can digitally record AVG proof themselves and can view the lists of digital reservations themselves.

On the website, entrepreneurs can create a free store for their company very quickly. This store produces a distinctive QR code and website button that can be used by entrepreneurs to register and reserve clients themselves. The store dashboard enables business owners to track and manage the registrations and reservations of their customers conveniently.


Free Places

For both consumers and businesses, the company believes this app has the solution. Consumers should look for free space, chairs and tables on the terraces, in restaurants, cafes, but also in gyms, hairdressers, lounges, etc. And for businesses to make their places available in real time and thus use, maintain and check them optimally. Such a thing does not yet exist on the market. There are many reservation platforms, of course. But there is no one that is universal, that can be used for almost any sector and that can be put online at no cost in a few minutes.

In addition, a storekeeper, particularly those in the hospitality industry, no longer has to keep paper reservation lists or be embarrassed and publicly asking for personal data.

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Winkelvrij App

Then again, for the shopkeeper, the app generates its own QR code and website button with which he can register and book his clients themselves.

To get more info about this new app and its services you can visit the Winkelvrij website.


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