The sex technology industry is thriving, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to it. Although some individuals are welcoming these recent changes with welcoming hands, others are keeping a watchful eye on them.  Why? Well, since some of these innovations can change the way we have actual partnerships and how we communicate with future partners. That’s the story of Virtual Mate, a virtual companion targeted at heterosexual male users (at least for now) with a high-tech fleshlight. Might this be the future of sex, or has sex technology gone too far?

Defined by others as the most innovative sex technology industry initiative,” Virtual Mate is the very first virtual intimacy device that blends practical adult gameplay with sophisticated, sensor-based masturbation sleeves—also known as fleshlight. This interactive girlfriend has an adult game, at which users can find themselves in whatever sort of situation they like. Choose the tale mode if you want a romantic relationship in a scenic hotel in Paris. When you’re in a rush, just pick a quickie mode.

Virtual Mate
Vitual Mate Device

Core is the key component of Virtual Mate. It’s a Bluetooth based, wireless masturbator which contains real motion detection and a responsive inner sensor to send a ‘feedback’ to the Virtual Mate’s video game. The game starts with the main model, Shelia, a blonde, busty lady, prepared for any sort of sex. It comes with a collection of facial expressions, animations, and reactions to some kind of thrust.

You can use Virtual Mate a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop and a VR headset. As soon as the player switches on the core, sliding it over its erection, the practical 3D model reacts. Since the animations are centered on the players’ movements and the way they have sex, each experience is meant to be unique to everybody.

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Screen Shot spoke to Jeff Dillon, Chief executive of Virtual Mate, on what this sex technology innovation represents for the future of dating and what is really next on the company’s roadmap. “Our aim is to build such a real environment that it would be hard to say what’s really true and what’s not. This begins with a mental link to the character of Virtual Mate, and the more intimate we can make it the stronger the mental link will be,” Dillon said. In his mind, someone who owns a Virtual Mate will eventually be able to develop his own dream erotic fantasy—something that looks simultaneously thrilling and somehow alarming.

On its Twitter page, right now the company is holding a poll which users can vote on whoever they want Virtual Mate to create as their new avatars—from Kim Kardashian to different pornstars. When questioned if he’s ever thought on how Virtual Mate could affect the way we’re behaving in actual relationships, Dillon agrees that he just doesn’t. Sharing where the idea comes from, he states, “One of those reasons we did come up with this idea was because my wife had a rough pregnancy and post-birth, so this had an effect on our sex life. Since the Virtual Mate model is not a real human, my wife does not really feel like I’m cheating on her, and she’s not offended by a virtual character.”

Virtual Mate

While Dillon presents a fair argument, after all a digital ‘girlfriend’ is not real—the feeling of connection that might build with time in between user and the digital partner can still make others jealous. It could also impact the willingness of the user to interact with future actual partners. Dillon states that he wants to fill a gap where conventional relationships fall down,” because “conventional relationships are not for all.” In other terms, Virtual Mate will be there for consumers as an alternate friendship and sexual relief. And isn’t that what making this tech so odd, the thought that your partner does not need you so much for the intimate parts of your relationship?

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No one’s got the solution to that concern right now as only time can tell. Until then, Virtual Mate is still working to extend its scope to more consumers. “We are now in the research and development of a women’s device that’ll be a haptic silicon dildo that will mimic male erection and make it stronger the more energized the Virtual Mate model gets. The silicon dildo would also be able to push in and out while shifting pace and motion,” described Dillon. The firm is now considering gay and lesbian alternatives for Core and available digital partners.

The prospects for such a modern technology and the various ideas that might be extracted from it are infinite. Dillon stated that he and his company are “going ahead of this market and planning to take the lead in virtual product capacities.” The future of sex is here and it’s as mind-blowing and terrifying as it seems.


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