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Post-covid workplaces

3 Changes We Will See at Post-Covid Workplaces

All over the world, a lot of countries are facing an economic recession due to Covid-19 pandemic that no one has seen since 2008’s...

Social Media Monitor 2020: TikTok More Popular Since Covid-19 Outbreak

Research office Soda conducts annual research into the status quo of Netherlands social media behaviour. The research went differently this year than had been...
small hotel oprators

A Look at Covid-19’s Impact on Travel Industry and Small Hotel Operators

One of the sectors which is impacted greatly by the coronavirus pandemic these days is travel industry. With all these empty hotel rooms all...

Will we Go Back to Our Office as Before Coronavirus Pandemic?

There aren’t a lot of people who like to both live and work at home. But, working from home has already proved to be...
Socially active

What a Condom Maker Company Teach us about Being Socially Active?

Concurrently with the economic development of societies, new problems are emerging and businesses should respond to them. For example, we all know about sexual...