Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 7-1-2020

We value our customers’ privacy

We respect your interests and are dedicated to protecting your data. This Privacy Policy refers to this platform, email subscriptions to, details gathered while you subscribe, including every other Niorise service or product, including certain blogs, smartphone apps or other digital resources, as clearly specified by Niorise.

Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

Niorise and approved service providers, gather confidential details that you want to send or obtain from certain websites. These can include personal details you receive via this Website, third-party platforms and apps when you digitally login to or registering for our services.

We, and approved service providers, can obtain the following forms of personal information relating to this Site: Title, contact address, postal; Internet Protocol code; Professions, business, jobs or education information; Internet or other electronic network operation records, including but not limited to browsing history, search history, interests, and user contact details (including reading habits) with a website, program, ads; Demographic Information and geolocation.

Personal information is collected directly from you, from those approved to supply details, through events on the Web and from certain partners, meaning Google and Twitter to provide a better experience.

When you send personal details regarding someone, you reflect and warrant that you are allowed to do so and that you have obtained permission from the individual you request the details to and that individual has consented to access, publish and transmit the information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

When you want to connect your social network or other third-party accounts to our services, we can collect your personal data from these sources. You can break this connection anytime by accessing your account page on these third-party sites or your mobile device’s settings app.

We use this knowledge for carefully formulated reasons that often support our consumers, including any or more of the following: to interact with you, to support Niorise boost, update or expand its goods and services and create new offerings; to support our services and products; maintaining the consistency and health of goods and services and for internal quality assurance, including testing, finding and fixing errors that impede current planned functionality; to provide you with deals and discounts regarding Niorise and goods or other interested parties; to improve your interaction with this website, including storing your preferences and login credentials, delivering personalized content or relevant ads, and offering tailor-made advertising; evaluate website utilization, examine the use of this website, evaluate and calculate ad impressions, protect Niorise’s or other assets, rights, or properties, and track compliance with and implementation of every Niorise Agreement; to monitor and identify those responsible for security incidents against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activity.

Use of Cookies

Niorise and the parties we work with (e.g. service providers, business partners, advertisers, advertising technology providers and ad servers) may place, view and/or use “cookies,” web server logs, web beacons, pixels or other electronic technologies to collect statistical and other information about you and your use of this Site.

These details can include information regarding your computer’s IP address, user version, language, operating system, mobile device, device ID, geolocation data, the state or nation from which you accessed this Site, the websites you visited, the date and time of your visit, the websites you visited directly before and after visiting this Site, the number of links you click on.

However, if you delete and disable cookies, these uses are not possible to the extent that they are based on cookie information. To help us with the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy, you and your usage of this Site or other websites may be aggregated, evaluated or merged with personal or other details about you from other online or offline sources.

If you choose not to gather information obtained through cookies during your usage of this Website or other websites, please uninstall and disable cookies for each device on each machine you use to access the Internet.


Niorise or its partners may often insert or accept special cookies on your device or use certain electronic technology to help you view advertisements that you see on this Site or other websites. Information regarding your visits to, and operation on, this Platform and other websites, an IP address, the number of occasions you have seen an advertisement, your views and desires, and all other usage details shall be used, either alone or in conjunction with other information, to build aggregate groups of users and to show ads that might be of special interest to you or a community of users. We may use web beacons provided by third-party advertising companies to help manage and optimize our online advertising and product performance. Web beacons enable us to identify the cookie of a visitor when a client enters this Page, and to know which banner advertising can lead users to this Page. The usage and processing of your details by third-party service providers, third-party marketers and their advertisement repositories are not protected by this Privacy Policy.

Many third-party websites and forums often require you to monitor the compilation and usage of the details for advertisement purposes. Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics for Online Ads, Twitter Analytics and other approved service providers support Niorise with the presentation of ads and associated data for this Page. To opt-out of Google Tracking Technology targeted ads, please click here.

Remember that even though you change preferences for targeted ads, you can also get online advertisement.

Dissemination of your Personal Information

Niorise may disclose your personal details to our approved service providers, meaning Google and Twitter for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Niorise can reveal your personal details (excluding security photographs or videos) to a partner or third party (“Third Party Provider”) that provides you with deals or promotions that may be of interest to you. You can, at any time, tell Niorise not to share your personal details protected by this Privacy Policy with these third party providers. Please note that 1.this opt-out process may take some time to complete, in accordance with applicable law; and 2. Even after such opt-out process has been completed, your personal information may continue to be shared with our affiliates (including affiliated websites under common ownership or control) and designated service providers.

Niorise can also report your personal details to unaffiliated third parties if we agree in good conscience that such disclosure is essential to: 1. Comply with any relevant statute, rule or policy, or to respond to a warrant, court order or other legal action; 2. Protect the rights, freedoms, protection or properties of Niorise.

If you engage in other functions of this Platform ( e.g. posting content items of interest), please notice that all details you or anyone willingly share by the usage of such functions may become accessible to the media and/or any users you have approved. If you want to have links to specified persons, please be mindful that any details you publish would be available to certain persons for their usage. Niorise shall not be responsible for any details that you or others want to reveal publicly on this Website, and neither Niorise nor any other individual making use of such details shall be subject to this Privacy Policy.

The compilation, future usage and/or dissemination of the information by third party suppliers or other third parties is not the duty of Niorise. Instead, this selection, usage and/or dissemination is regulated by the privacy policy of third parties.

Protection of your personal data

Any personal data you provide to Niorise will be kept on secure servers. Niorise employs adequate protection mechanisms to deliver the applicable product or service, such as fair financial, technological, personnel and physical steps (a) to secure personal information from misuse, fraud, improper usage, release or modification; and (b) to maintain the privacy of personal information. To help us secure your privacy, you will maintain the confidentiality of the login ID and password that you might have generated to conjunction with your involvement in the services of this Website. Personal information is kept for as long as required, for valid commercial purposes and/or legal and regulatory provisions, for the intent for which it is being obtained.

Rights regarding your confidential details

You will have the ability to use, amend, remove or prohibit the usage of any personal details protected by this Privacy Policy, based on the jurisdiction in question. You may also have the right to request, depending on the jurisdiction, that we withhold from processing your personal information. Please note that if you exercise these rights, our ability to offer our products and services can be affected. If you have any concerns about your personal information, please contact us by clicking here. Although Niorise will make appropriate efforts to satisfy your request, we do reserve the right to place such limitations and conditions on these requests, where authorized or necessary by relevant legislation.

Please note that processing your application may take some time, per applicable law.

Your privacy privileges in California

If you are resident in California, you may have the right to request, in compliance with this privacy policy and applicable laws:

  • Certain information about our collection, use, sale or disclosure of your personal information is deleted or stored by us to opt-out of the share of your personal information.
  • You have also the right not to be discriminated against for the exercise of these rights.

If you want to exercise these rights, we request that you provide appropriate information, such as the goods or services you used in the past, the country of origin and contact details, so that we may check your identification and process of your request. Additional details can be required, based on the nature of requests.

You can use an approved agent to send a request for your personal information on your behalf. If you want to use an authorised agent, you will grant your agent written authorisation to take action on your behalf concerning your request, and before accepting your request; your agent will provide us with evidence of that permission.

Please notify us by clicking here to exercise a right relevant to your personal information. Niorise may exchange personal details on targeted ads, including web identification, Internet Protocol address, and Web or other details on electronic network operation, with third parties in ways that may constitute a “transfer” under the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act as modified for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

If you are a resident of California, Section 1798.83 of the Civil Code enables you to seek details about actions related to the release of your personal records whether for marketing needs or sharing with third parties.

Transfer to other countries of your personal information

The transfer and distribution of information to and in specific countries which may have different standards of privacy security than your country can be part of some of the uses and disclosures listed under this Data Protection Policy. You accept and agree to these transfers and processing, including to and in the United States, through the use of our products and services. We implement appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information transferred, which may include but is not limited to standard data protection clauses of the European Commission.

Links to services of third parties

Niorise can include links or connections to websites of third parties or other digital resources, including websites that provide social networking. Because we may not monitor digital third-party assets and we are not responsible for any details you might receive during these digital properties, we advise you to consult such websites’ privacy policy before sharing some of your details on such digital properties.

Changes within this Privacy Policy

Niorise reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at all times, by including updates at the top of the Privacy Policy via the “last updated” date. Such updates should be effective when they are uploaded.

Inquiries about This Privacy Policy

Please email us at if you have concerns regarding this Privacy Policy. Include “Privacy” in your inquiry subject line.